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NHL Sports Betting Market Report for Sunday, December 17th, 2023

ATS STATS – Analyzing the NHL betting market for Sunday, December 17th, 2023, we observe a mix of trends across Straight Up (SU), Over/Under (OU), and Against The Spread (ATS) markets. Here’s a detailed breakdown based on the Sports Betting Index (SBI):

Straight Up (SU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 16): A nearly balanced day with favorites winning 54% of the games, resulting in a neutral SBI rating.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: Over 3 days, the market remains neutral, but a bullish trend is seen over 7 days (69.4%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: The longer-term view shows a consistent bullish trend for favorites, with win rates hovering around 59.5%.

Over/Under (OU) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 16): A bearish trend for OVER bets with only 38% of games going over.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: The 3-day range is neutral, while the 7-day range shows a bullish trend for OVERs (57.9%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: The overall trend remains neutral, with a slight lean towards UNDER bets.

Against The Spread (ATS) Performance:

  • 1-Day Performance (Dec 16): A bearish day for favorites against the spread, with only 31% covering.
  • 3-Day to 7-Day Range: This bearish trend is more pronounced over 3 days (20.3%) and remains bearish over 7 days (35.1%).
  • 1-Month to Year-to-Date: Over the longer term, the trend remains consistently bearish for favorites covering the spread.

Key Insights:

  • Balanced SU Market: The latest day’s performance indicates a competitive balance between favorites and underdogs.
  • Scoring Trends: The OVER/UNDER bets are leaning towards UNDERs in the short term but are more balanced over the longer term.
  • ATS Caution for Favorites: The bearish trend in ATS suggests that underdogs are more frequently beating the spread, a trend bettors should consider.


The NHL market for December 17th presents a neutral day in the SU market but shows bearish trends in both the OVER/UNDER and ATS markets for the day. The longer-term trends suggest a sustained favor for favorites in SU but caution in ATS betting. Bettors might want to consider these patterns when making their decisions.

NHL Betting Markets