NHL Betting

Raymond Report – NHL Market Betting Index Insights (3/9/24)

The current Market Index for the NHL, represented by the Daily Market Value Index (DMVI), provides a comprehensive snapshot of the league's team performances and their market valuations. This report offers insights into each team's standings, win-loss records, market values, and recent trends to gauge their current status and performance in the league.

A Grade Teams

  • Florida: Leading with a strong record and showing bullish market confidence, Florida's slight downturn with a recent loss doesn't overshadow their dominant position.
  • NY Rangers & Winnipeg: Both teams share identical records and a similar market value. The Rangers, however, show neutral confidence compared to Winnipeg's bullish outlook.
  • Vancouver & Edmonton: Vancouver's recent winning streak and Edmonton's solid performance highlight their competitive edge, despite Edmonton's recent loss.
  • Colorado & Dallas: Both teams are on winning streaks, with Colorado winning three straight and Dallas four. Their bullish confidence underscores their strong market value.
  • Carolina: Shows a balanced performance with neutral market confidence despite a win in their last game.

B Grade Teams

  • Boston & Toronto: Display moderate performance and market value with neutral confidence levels.
  • Nashville: Stands out with a bullish market stance and an impressive 6-1 record in their last 7 games.
  • Detroit & Vegas: Struggle with recent performances, especially Vegas with a bearish outlook.
  • Los Angeles, Philadelphia, & Tampa Bay: These teams show varied performance with neutral market confidence.
  • St Louis & Calgary: Calgary contrasts its 50% win rate with a bullish confidence, unlike St Louis's bearish outlook.

C Grade Teams

  • New Jersey, Washington, Minnesota, Pittsburgh: These teams hover around the .500 mark with neutral confidence and slight variations in their recent performances.
  • Buffalo, NY Islanders: Show mixed signals; despite Buffalo's losing streak, both teams have a neutral to bullish confidence.
  • Seattle, Arizona, Ottawa: Exhibit challenges in maintaining consistent wins, with Ottawa showing a concerning six-game losing streak.
  • Montreal, Anaheim, Columbus: Struggle significantly in the league but show signs of neutral to bullish confidence in some cases.
  • Chicago & San Jose: Bottom of the league with the most challenges, reflected in their bearish market outlook and poor recent performances.


  • The A Grade teams exhibit strong performance indicators and market confidence, with most teams showing bullish trends.
  • B Grade teams present a mix of neutral to bullish confidence, with some teams facing challenges to maintain consistency.
  • C Grade teams generally struggle with performance, reflected in their lower market values and mixed confidence levels, from neutral to bearish.

The DMVI provides a valuable lens through which to view the NHL landscape, offering insights into team performances, market valuations, and trends that can influence future outcomes.