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Reflecting on Last Night’s NHL Games: Insights from the Flex Focus Betting Strategy

The world of sports betting is ever-changing, with each game offering new insights and challenges. Last night's NHL matchups provided a unique window into the effectiveness of the Raymond Report Flex Focus Sports Betting Strategy (FFBS), particularly within its meticulously crafted groupings.

Analyzing the FFBS Groupings Performance

  1. Vancouver Canucks vs. New Jersey Devils
  • Odds: Canucks -1.5 (+230), Devils +1.5 (-263)
  • Moneyline: Canucks +101, Devils -111
  • Over/Under: 6.5
  • Result: Canucks 6, Devils 5

A significant match for the Low-Risk Flex Package (LRFP), the Vancouver Canucks, showcasing their resilience, edged out the New Jersey Devils. The Canucks, with their 64% win rates in both SU and ATS, demonstrated why they are a reliable choice in the LRFP, echoing a stable investment in a well-performing mutual fund.

  1. Los Angeles Kings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Odds: Kings -1.5 (+115), Blue Jackets +1.5 (-135)
  • Moneyline: Kings -200, Blue Jackets +179
  • Over/Under: 6.5
  • Result: Kings 4, Blue Jackets 3

The Los Angeles Kings, another LRFP team with an impressive ATS win percentage, faced the Columbus Blue Jackets and secured a close victory. Their performance, consistent with their FFBS grouping, mirrors an investment that reliably yields returns, aligning with a low-risk profile.

  1. Colorado Avalanche vs. Anaheim Ducks
  • Odds: Avalanche -1.5 (-115), Ducks +1.5 (-105)
  • Moneyline: Avalanche -270, Ducks +238
  • Over/Under: 6.5
  • Result: Avalanche 3, Ducks 2

Colorado Avalanche, part of the LRFP, managed a win against the Ducks, reinforcing their status as a robust team in their grouping. Like a solid investment in a bull market, the Avalanche continue to demonstrate why they are considered a low-risk, high-reward option in the FFBS.

Patience and Discipline: The Hallmarks of Success

Last night's games highlight the importance of patience and discipline in sports betting, akin to financial market investments. The fluctuations seen in game outcomes reflect the inherent unpredictability of sports, underscoring the need for a structured approach like the FFBS. Bettors adhering to this strategy, with its clear categorization of teams into risk-focused groupings, can navigate these fluctuations more effectively.


The performance of the teams within the FFBS groupings from the NHL games on December 5, 2023, underscores the strategy's effectiveness. By treating each grouping as a distinct investment class and sticking to the game plan with patience and discipline, bettors can enhance their chances of long-term success. The FFBS, with its data-driven approach, remains an invaluable tool for bettors aiming to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of sports betting.

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