Sports Betting Podcast

Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast (01/26/23)

The Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast will be broadcasting live on Thursday, January 26th with your host Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of ATS STATS.

Tune in LIVE each Thursday on our YouTube channel at 10:30am EST!

Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast – 01/26/23 Introduction:

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Raymond Report Fundamentals Ron looks over the Top 10 Commandments of sports betting and the fundamentals of the Raymond Report.

Horse Racing Pick of the Day – 01/26/22 Free Horse Racing Picks: Aqueduct

Sports Betting Index (SBI) Ron goes over the sports betting markets and let's viewers know if we are in a bullish, bearish or neutral markets.

Market Value Index Ron looks at which teams are currently Bearish, Bullish or in a Neutral cycle.

ATS Standings Report – NBA & NHL Ron looks over the Top NHL and NBA Teams against the number.

NFL Football Playoff Handicapping – 01/26/23 Ron takes a look at this weekend's NFL Playoff games involving the 49ers vs. Eagles and Bengals vs. Chiefs.

Fun Facts – 80% Club Stats Ron goes over today's top sports betting trends – Remember, Trends R Your Friends – But they Don't Pay the Rent!