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Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast with Handicapper Ron Raymond (9/14/22)

Welcome to the Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast for Sept 14th with Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond.

Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast – 9/14/22
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Raymond Report 5 Fundamentals of Sports Betting
The 5 Key Fundamentals of Sports Betting (Non-Negotiables)
1. Shop for Value
2. Play the Percentages
3. Current Performance Cycles of Teams
4. Player Availability / Injuries
5. Discipline Money Management System

Type of Teams in the Raymond Report
Tier 1 Teams (A): 60% or higher (Above Average Teams = High Public Confidence = Low Rewards)
Tier 2 Teams (B): 50% to 59.9% (Average Teams = Moderate Public Confidence = Medium Rewards)
Tier 3 Teams (C): 49.9% or Lower (Below Average Teams = Low Public Confidence = High Rewards)

Top 10 Commandments of Sports Betting – Ron's Golden Rules!
Thou Shall Not….

Horse Racing Pick of the Day
Free Horse Racing Picks: (Track of the Day)

Market Watch
Sports Betting Index Report – (SBI)

ABC Report (Bears and Bulls)
Make money betting on A & B type teams in the Report Raymond!

Ron's Top Value & Percentage Plays (VPP)
Ron handicaps the top Value and Percentage Plays of the Day.

Sports Betting Market Options
Ron takes a look at the top sports betting options in the markets.

Raymond Report Tipsheet
Ron looks at some of this weekend's NFL and CFB Games using the Raymond Report Tipsheet.

Fun Facts – 80% Club Stats
Ron goes over today's top trends – Trends R Your Friends – But theyA3:A45 Don't Pay the Rent!