Ron Raymond Sports Betting Podcast 062223

The Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast – (06/22/23)

Welcome to the Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast for June 22, 2023, with your host Handicapper Ron Raymond.

Raymond Report Sports Betting Podcast – 06/22/23

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The Raymond Report System – (Learn – Bet – Win!)

The Raymond Report Sports Betting System

How to Avoid Beginners Mistakes in Sports Betting

Mastering Sports Betting – 12 Part Series

The Winning Edge: Mastering the 5 Fundamentals of the Raymond Report

Ron Raymond's 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets

Horse Racing Pick of the Day – 06/22/23

Free Horse Racing Picks: (Track of the Day)

Morning Market Watch: SBI Opening Bell – June 22, 2023

Ron goes over to see how the Sports Betting Markets have been reacting over the last few days and weeks.

Market Trends: Bears and Bulls – June 22, 2023

Ron goes each league to see which teams are in a Bullish or Bearish cycle.

Inside the Numbers: MLB ATS Standings

Using the Raymond Report MLB Standing Charts, Ron goes over the Favorites and Underdogs in MLB and CFL.

The CFL Playbook: Week 3 Picks and Previews

Ron handicaps the upcoming games for CFL Week 3.

Ron goes over the MLB value charts to see how the markets are reacting to certain teams to see if over or under valued.

Raymond Report – MLB Game Day Previews (06/22/23)

Using the Raymond Report Premium and Lite edition, Ron handicaps the value games of the day.

Ron's MLB Value Report

Ron takes a look at which team are Over, Under and Fair Market value for Thursday's MLB Baseball games.

Fun Facts – 80% Club Stats

Ron goes over today's top sports betting trends – Remember, Trends Are Your Friends – But they Don't Pay the Rent!

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Ron makes his picks at

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