Raymond Report Sports Betting Tip #2 – Law of Average Theory (Finding Value)

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report will be releasing 30 Sports Betting Tips each day during the Month of July to get you through those “Dog Days of Summer”.

Welcome to Tip #2 of 30, as Ron shares his “Law of Average” and how you can find Value in money line sports (MLB/NHL) vs. point spread sports (NFL/CFB/CFL/NBA/CBB).

Keep in mind, the Sportsbook have the greatest equalizer tool against bettors and that is the moneyline and the point spread. Remember, we don’t set the line, they do, so right off the bat, we are starting on defense, while the sportsbook get to start on offense vs. the betting public!

Law of Average Theory (Finding Value)

Point Spread is the Great Equalizer

  • Money Line Sports vs.
  • Point Spread Sports

Find a TEAM that LOST their last GAME SU & ATS vs. a TEAM that WON their last GAME SU & ATS.

Types of Roles

  • Favorites
  • Underdogs
  • Home
  • Away

Good Lost vs. Bad Lost (MLB)

When Any MLB TEAM –  Played as a Favorite – Coming Off a 10 or More Run Lost – During Current Season

  • 12-3 SU

When Any MLB TEAM –  Played as a Favorite – Coming Off a 10 or More Run Win – During Current Season

  • 14-12 SU

Money Line Sports (SU)




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