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Ron Raymond’s Top 10 Betting Tips for Sports Bettors

Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report is a renowned sports handicapper with years of experience in the industry. With a proven track record of success, Ron has developed a set of top 10 betting tips to help sports bettors improve their chances of winning. From bankroll management to using advanced statistics, these tips are designed to give you an edge in your sports betting endeavors. So whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, Ron's betting tips are a valuable resource for anyone looking to make smarter and more profitable bets.

Ron's Top Sports Betting Tips with Bonus Tips

Here are sports betting tips to consider before placing your next bet:

  1. Never Bet Big Money on C-Type Teams in the Raymond Report!

The Raymond Report is a valuable resource for sports bettors, providing insights into which teams are likely to perform well and which may be less successful. However, it's important to be cautious when betting on C-type teams, as they may be less predictable and more volatile.

Types of Teams – When you look at League Standings, you have three types of teams:

  • Tier 1 Teams (A): 60% or higher (Above Average Teams = High Public Confidence = Low Rewards)
  • Tier 2 Teams (B): 50% to 59.9% (Average Teams = Moderate Public Confidence = Medium Rewards)
  • Tier 3 Teams (C): 49.9% or Lower (Below Average Teams = Low Public Confidence = High Rewards)

2. Avoid Laying Points; Take the Points or Bet the Money Line or the Over/Under

Laying points on a daily basis can be a risky habit to tolerate over the long run of your sports investment journey, as it requires a team to win and win by a certain margin. Instead, consider taking the points or betting on the money line or over/under, which may be a safer bet.

3. Create Your Number: It's Your Number Against the Bookmaker's Number!

Creating your number is a smart strategy for sports betting, allowing you to compare your analysis and predictions to those of the bookmakers. Doing so lets you identify potential value bets and find opportunities to profit.

4. Follow a Discipline Money Management System

A discipline money management system is essential for successful sports betting, helping you to manage your bankroll and make informed betting decisions. Establish a system that works for you and sticks to it consistently.

5. Never Force a Pick because You Need Action on a Game!

It's important to resist the temptation to force a pick simply because you want to have some action on a particular game. Instead, take a disciplined approach to betting and focus on finding value bets with a high probability of success.

6. Never Chase Losing Bets on a Bad Day. Bet with your wallet, not your heart!

Chasing losses can be a recipe for disaster in sports betting, as it can lead to impulsive and irrational decisions. It's important to remain calm and rational, betting with your wallet and not your heart.

7. NHL Home Favorites Coming off a 1-Goal Lost – 60% since 2011!

This is a valuable trend to remember when betting on NHL games, as it indicates that home favorites coming off a 1-goal loss have historically performed well. By following this trend, you can identify profitable betting opportunities. Updated as of 03/23/23: 92-56 SU (62.1%)

8. Never Bet Against A-Type Teams Who are Bullish at Home!

A-type teams bullish at home can be a formidable force in sports betting, and it's generally not advisable to bet against them. Instead, look for opportunities to bet on these teams or avoid betting on games in which they are playing.

9. The 24-Hour Rule of Betting – Take a Day off After a Big Win – Enjoy the Win!

After a big win, it's important to take some time to enjoy the victory and avoid making impulsive betting decisions. By following the 24-hour rule of betting, you can ensure that you're making informed decisions and not risking your profits unnecessarily.

10. Never Bet on Teams Who Are in a Bearish Cycle!

Teams in a bearish cycle may struggle to perform well and may not be a smart bet. Instead, look for bullish teams with a history of success, as they may be more likely to perform well and provide profitable betting opportunities.

Bonus Tips:

A) Look for Value Bets – Not Just Winners: Winning bets are great, but looking for value bets with a high probability of success and a good payout is important. Doing so can increase your chances of making a profit over the long term.

B) Understand the Importance of Line Shopping: Line shopping involves comparing odds across multiple sportsbooks to find the best value. This can make a big difference in your profits over time, so be sure to take the time to compare odds before placing a bet.

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