Edmonton Elks Preview

2023 Season Recap: Edmonton Elks – A Struggle for Consistency

The 2023 season was a challenging one for the Edmonton Elks, who finished with a record of 4-14 SU, indicative of their struggles throughout the season. Despite a more balanced ATS performance at 9-9-0, the team often found themselves on the losing end, underlining their difficulties in finishing games. Their over/under record of 10-8-0 reflects a tendency towards higher-scoring contests, suggesting that while the offense had moments of effectiveness, defensive vulnerabilities were a significant issue.

Season Overview:
The Elks' season was marred by inconsistency and inability to close out games. With only four wins, the team's performance was below expectations, with moments of potential overshadowed by frequent lapses in both offense and defense.

Key Games and Betting Insights:

  • Week 1 vs. Saskatchewan: The Elks began the season with a narrow loss, 13-17, failing to cover the -2.5 spread. This set the tone for a challenging season ahead.
  • Week 3 vs. Toronto: Despite being underdogs, Edmonton put up a respectable 31 points but still lost 31-43, with the game going over the 44.5 total, showing their defensive struggles.
  • Week 7 at Winnipeg: Facing a -15.5 line, the Elks managed to cover the spread in a 28-14 loss, one of the few highlights in a season filled with low points.
  • Week 10 vs. Winnipeg: Another high-scoring affair where they lost 29-38 but covered the +12 spread, indicating competitive spirit against tough opponents.
  • Week 12 vs. Ottawa: One of their four wins, a 30-20 victory where they were slight underdogs, showed what the team could do with effective execution.
  • Week 19 vs. Montreal: A disappointing 21-35 loss at home, where they failed to cover the 1.5 spread, exemplified their ongoing struggles to maintain consistency.

Season Analysis:
Throughout the season, the Elks showed flashes of potential, especially in offense, but were let down by their defense and inability to perform consistently under pressure. The team’s ATS record suggests that while they were often competitive against the spread, outright wins were hard to come by due to the late-game collapses and defensive shortcomings.

The 2023 season was a tough one for the Edmonton Elks, highlighted by occasional competitive play but ultimately defined by underperformance and inconsistency. As they look towards the 2024 season, the focus will undoubtedly be on building a more consistent and resilient team, capable of converting close games into wins and improving their defensive fortitude to better support their capable offense. For bettors, the Elks were often a risky bet, especially on the over/under, where their propensity for high-scoring games made them unpredictable.