BC Lions ATS Record L3Y

BC Lions: A Three-Year Sports Betting Record Review

In the realm of Canadian Football League (CFL) betting, the British Columbia Lions have shown a mixed performance over the past three years. This review dives into the specifics of their betting records, providing valuable insights for betting enthusiasts.

Overall Performance

For the 2022 season, the BC Lions demonstrated a respectable performance with an Against the Spread (ATS) record of 11-9-0, a Straight-Up (SU) record of 13-7, and an Over/Under (O/U) record of 8-11-1. These statistics illustrate a team that often outperformed betting expectations, with more games featuring fewer total points than projected.

Home Games Performance

When playing at home as the favorite team over the past three years, the Lions showed an almost balanced ATS record of 10-9-0 and a strong SU record of 12-7. The O/U record stands at 11-8-0, showing a slight tendency towards higher-scoring games.

However, the Lions' record as a home underdog tells a different story. In these situations, they struggled, posting an ATS record of 1-6-1 and failing to win a game with an SU record of 0-8. The O/U record was 3-5-0, indicating more games with fewer total points than expected.

Road Games Performance

On the road as favorites, the BC Lions fared better. Their ATS record was 7-4-0, and they boasted an impressive SU record of 9-2, showing a knack for winning games away from home when expected to do so. The O/U record was 2-8-1, again indicating lower-scoring games.

However, as road underdogs, the Lions struggled again, as reflected in their ATS record of 7-8-0 and a dismal SU record of 2-13. The O/U record stood at 9-6-0, indicating a tilt towards higher-scoring games in this scenario.


For sports betting fans, the BC Lions' three-year betting record suggests a team that performs solidly when favored, especially on the road, but struggles when considered an underdog, particularly at home. Games involving the Lions have tended to feature fewer points than projected, although this trend reverses when they are road underdogs.

As always, past performance doesn't guarantee future results, but these insights provide a foundation for making informed betting decisions involving the BC Lions in the upcoming CFL seasons.