CFL Head Coaches and Their Coordinators for the 2024 Season

The 2024 CFL season brings together a diverse group of experienced and innovative coaching staff across the league's teams. Here’s an overview of the head coaches and their key coordinators for each team in both the East and West divisions.

East Division

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  • Head Coach: Scott Milanovich
  • Offensive Coordinator: Scott Milanovich (also serves as Quarterbacks Coach)
  • Defensive Coordinator: Mark Washington
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Paul Boudreau

Hamilton Tiger-Cats have entrusted Scott Milanovich to lead the team as head coach. Milanovich doubles as the offensive coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience to the role. On the defensive side, Mark Washington serves as both the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator, while Paul Boudreau coordinates the special teams.

Montreal Alouettes

  • Head Coach: Jason Maas
  • Offensive Coordinator: Anthony Calvillo
  • Defensive Coordinator: Noel Thorpe
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Byron Archambault

Jason Maas leads the Montreal Alouettes as head coach. The offensive strategies are crafted by Anthony Calvillo, a CFL legend. Noel Thorpe takes charge of the defense, while Byron Archambault handles special teams duties alongside his role as assistant head coach.

Ottawa Redblacks

  • Head Coach: Bob Dyce
  • Offensive Coordinator: Tommy Condell
  • Defensive Coordinator: Barron Miles
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Cory McDiarmid

Bob Dyce spearheads the Ottawa Redblacks as head coach. The offensive coordinator, Tommy Condell, ensures the team’s attack is dynamic and effective. Barron Miles leads the defense, and Cory McDiarmid coordinates special teams.

Toronto Argonauts

  • Head Coach: Ryan Dinwiddie
  • Offensive Coordinator: Ryan Dinwiddie
  • Defensive Coordinators: Kevin Eiben and William Fields
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Mickey Donovan

Ryan Dinwiddie not only serves as the head coach but also as the offensive coordinator for the Toronto Argonauts. Defensive responsibilities are shared between Kevin Eiben and William Fields. Mickey Donovan oversees the special teams.

West Division

BC Lions

  • Head Coach: Rick Campbell
  • Offensive Coordinator: Jordan Maksymic
  • Defensive Coordinator: Ryan Phillips
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Mike Benevides

Rick Campbell guides the BC Lions as head coach. The offensive playbook is managed by Jordan Maksymic, while Ryan Phillips handles the defense and serves as the assistant head coach. Mike Benevides coordinates the special teams.

Calgary Stampeders

  • Head Coach: Dave Dickenson
  • Offensive Coordinator: Pat DelMonaco
  • Defensive Coordinator: Brent Monson
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Mark Kilam

Dave Dickenson leads the Calgary Stampeders, with Pat DelMonaco taking on the dual roles of offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Brent Monson oversees the defensive strategies, and Mark Kilam handles special teams coordination.

Edmonton Elks

  • Head Coach: Chris Jones
  • Offensive Coordinator: Jarious Jackson
  • Defensive Coordinator: Jason Shivers
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Mike Scheper

Chris Jones serves as the head coach for the Edmonton Elks. Jarious Jackson, as the offensive coordinator, also manages the quarterbacks. Jason Shivers takes charge of the defense and assists as head coach, while Mike Scheper oversees special teams.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

  • Head Coach: Corey Mace
  • Offensive Coordinator: Marc Mueller
  • Defensive Coordinator: Corey Mace
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Kent Maugeri

Corey Mace heads the Saskatchewan Roughriders, doubling as both head coach and defensive coordinator. Marc Mueller directs the offensive unit, and Kent Maugeri is responsible for the special teams.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

  • Head Coach: Mike O'Shea
  • Offensive Coordinator: Buck Pierce
  • Defensive Coordinator: Jordan Younger
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Mike Miller

Mike O'Shea continues his tenure as head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Buck Pierce is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Jordan Younger leads the defense, while Mike Miller coordinates the special teams.

These coaches and their staff bring a mix of veteran leadership and fresh perspectives to their teams, aiming to drive success in the 2024 CFL season.