Edmonton Elks ATS record L3Y

Edmonton Elks: Point Spread Record Review (2020-2022)

The Edmonton Elks have seen varied results over the past three seasons. For bettors, understanding a team's past performance against the point spread (ATS) can be a valuable tool for predicting future outcomes. Here's a look at how the Elks have performed in the last three years:

Overall Record

The Elks had an overall ATS record of 7-11-0 in 2022, indicating they often failed to cover the point spread. This reflects their poor Straight-Up (SU) record of 4-14, where they won only 4 of their 18 games.

Home Record

As home favorites over the past three years, the Elks have struggled mightily, with an ATS record of 2-8-0, which is in line with their SU record of 4-6. Their performance improved slightly when they were home underdogs, achieving an ATS record of 4-11-0, but their SU record was a dismal 1-14.

Road Record

On the road, the Elks' performance was slightly better. As road favorites, they had an ATS record of 2-4-0 and an SU record of 3-3. However, as road underdogs, they managed to achieve a better ATS record of 11-9-1, even though their SU record was still poor at 8-13.

Over/Under Record

From an Over/Under (O/U) perspective, the Elks had a record of 10-8-0 in 2022, which means that they often participated in games that exceeded the expected total points. Over the last three years, the Elks had an O/U record of 5-5-0 as home favorites, 8-7-0 as home underdogs, 2-4-0 as road favorites, and 12-9-0 as road underdogs.


The Elks' performance against the point spread over the last three years has been disappointing, reflecting their overall struggles on the field. While they've managed to cover the spread more frequently when they were road underdogs, their overall record leaves much to be desired. Bettors should consider these trends and the team's on-field performance when making future wagers involving the Elks.