Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders: 2022 Season Recap and Betting Insights

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Saskatchewan Roughriders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders participated with determination and spirit in the 2022 Canadian Football League (CFL) season. Despite their efforts, they faced significant challenges, finishing with a 6-12 SU record. This article provides a detailed summary of their performance throughout the season and valuable insights for CFL betting enthusiasts.

Season Kick-off and Early Performances

Saskatchewan began the season with an impressive victory against Hamilton, with a final score of 30-13. They maintained this momentum into Week 2, securing a 26-16 win over Edmonton. However, a major setback came in Week 3 when they suffered a heavy 37-13 defeat to Montreal.

Mid-Season Struggles

The Roughriders bounced back with a 41-20 victory over Montreal in Week 4, only to endure a string of losses from Week 6 to Week 8 against Toronto and British Columbia. A noteworthy exception was their 34-23 victory over Edmonton in Week 10, showing the team's resilience.

Late-Season Difficulties and Conclusion

The end of the season saw the Roughriders continue to struggle. Despite their 23-16 win over British Columbia in Week 12, they suffered heavy losses in later weeks, notably against Winnipeg (54-20 in Week 14) and Calgary (36-10 in their final game).

Betting Insights

Betting enthusiasts might find Saskatchewan's ATS (Against The Spread) record of interest. They had a 7-11-0 ATS record for the 2022 season, indicating they covered the spread in roughly 38.9% of their games. The ‘Under' on the Total Score (O/U) was more frequent, with 10 out of 18 regular-season games going ‘Under'.

To sum up, the Saskatchewan Roughriders experienced a challenging 2022 season with some hard-fought games. Their performance against the spread and in terms of total points offers valuable insights for future betting considerations.

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