Aqueduct Racetrack

Aqueduct Free Horse Racing Picks 04/16/23

Hello, fellow horse racing enthusiasts and occasional bettors! Today, we'll be horsing around with the first three races at Aqueduct racetrack, using the Raymond Report horse racing tip sheet to inform our bets. We'll add a splash of humor, educate you on the “Double Dutch” betting system, and provide some top-notch recommendations. So, giddy up and let's have some fun at the races!

First, let's discuss the “Double Dutch” betting system. This nifty method, favored by Veteran Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond, involves betting on one horse to win and/or place in the race. If your chosen horse finishes second, fret not—you might still get your money back, depending on the odds.

Now, let's gallop into today's first three races at Aqueduct:

RACE #1 In the first race, we're putting our money on (7) Makart for the win, (2) Pot of Gold placing second, and (6) West Star showing in third. For exacta boxes, try the combinations 7/2, 2/6, and 6/1. Trifecta fans should consider the 7/2/6 and 1/2/6 boxes.

RACE #2 For the second race, we're backing (2) Movie Moxy for the win, (3) Pharoah's Heart placing second, and (1) I'm Buzzy showing in third. For exacta box bets, consider the combinations 2/3, 3/1, and 1/5. For trifecta bets, try the 2/3/1 and 5/3/1 boxes.

RACE #3 In our final race of the day, we're going out on a limb with (5) Toned Up for the win, (6) Whitebeam securing second place, and (2) Evvie Jets showing in third. Exacta box enthusiasts should consider the combinations 5/6, 6/2, and 2/4. Trifecta bettors might want to try the 5/6/2 and 4/6/2 boxes.

Remember, these are just the first three races at Aqueduct—there's a full day of exciting races ahead! For expert advice on the remaining races, sign up for the Raymond Report premium horse racing tipsheet inside the member's area. Trust us; it's worth every cent.

Happy betting, and may the odds be ever in your favor (and your bets as legendary as a mythical centaur)!

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