Ross Benjamin's NBA Playoff Picks

Ross’ NBA Playoffs Triple Threat & Wise Guy $$$ Sweep

The ultimate combination of Ross' expert picks in a single package! Gear up for a massive 3-0 money-making sweep, featuring a 5* ATS winning side on Saturday's Hawks/Celtics (3:30 PM ET) Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series opener, the total and side for the Knicks/Cavaliers (6:00 PM ET) game, and the total for the Warriors/Kings (8:30 PM ET) matchup.

Coming off an impressive 4-1 record during the NBA Play-In Tournament, Ross is ready to share his razor-sharp picks with you. Don't miss this golden opportunity to cash in big with Ross' NBA Playoffs Triple Threat Wise Guy $$$ Sweep. Secure your winning ticket today!

Secure your winning ticket today!

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