Parx Horse Racing

Parx Racing Free Horse Racing Picks (05/08/23)

Get ready for an exciting day of horse racing at Parx Racing on Monday, May 8, 2023! Renowned Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond is back with his top picks for the first three races of the day, using his favorite horse racing wagering system, the “Double Dutch” Betting system. This wagering system involves betting on one horse in the race to win and/or place. If the chosen horse finishes second, bettors can get their money back, depending on the odds.

Ron's Free Parx Picks

For Race #1, Ron Raymond's Parx Racing Win, Place, and Show picks are as follows:

  • Win: (8) Live Aid, 4-1 odds, with jockey S Gonzalez (45% win rate)
  • Place: (4) Kenai Cool, 5-1 odds, with jockey L D Rivera (26% win rate)
  • Show: (5) Anginetti, 10-1 odds, with jockey A Castillo (24% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #1 are 8/4, 4/5, and 5/2, while his Trifecta picks are 8/4/5 and 2/4/5.

In Race #2, Ron's top selections are:

  • Win: (9) Boca Royalty, 6-1 odds, with jockey J Trejos (38% win rate)
  • Place: (1) Fast Intentions, 8-1 odds, with jockey A Y Nunez (37% win rate)
  • Show: (7) The Biggest One, 15-1 odds, with jockey R F Moya (31% win rate)

For Race #2, Ron's Exacta picks are 9/1, 1/7, and 7/8, while his Trifecta picks are 9/1/7 and 8/1/7.

Moving on to Race #3, Ron's picks for Win, Place, and Show are:

  • Win: (6) Aztec Queen, 8-5 odds, with jockey J Laprida (37% win rate)
  • Place: (4) Queenpin, 6-1 odds, with jockey A Bowman (29% win rate)
  • Show: (3) Gladiatora, 3-1 odds, with jockey Y C Ramos (27% win rate)

Ron's Exacta picks for Race #3 are 6/4, 4/3, and 3/1, while his Trifecta picks are 6/4/3 and 1/4/3.

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