Kentucky Derby Pick

Veteran Handicapper Ron Raymond Predicted Mage at 16-1 to Win Kentucky Derby

Attention all sports bettors! If you're looking for expert handicapping advice, look no further than Ron Raymond. Recently, Ron recommended to his clients to bet on Mage to win and place in the 2023 Kentucky Derby, and the horse came through with an impressive victory at 16-1 odds!

Thanks to Ron's keen eye and expertise, his clients who followed his advice were able to cash in on this lucrative pick. The win paid out at $32.42, making it a highly profitable bet.

Ron's knowledge and experience as a sports handicapper are unmatched, and he consistently delivers winning picks and strategies to his clients. If you want to increase your chances of success in sports betting, be sure to follow Ron Raymond and take advantage of his winning advice.

Congratulations to Ron and his clients on this impressive win, and we look forward to seeing what other winning picks Ron has in store for us in the future!

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