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The Funny Finish Line: Where Horse Racing and Laughter Meet Daily (04/02/23)

Welcome back to “The Funny Finish Line: Where Horse Racing and Laughter Meet Daily”! We're here to provide you with today's horse racing picks, betting tips, and some chuckle-inducing moments. Hold onto your saddles, folks, because we're about to ride into the world of horse racing history with a side of humor!

Let's start with the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the Triple Crown. Did you know that in 1933, a horse named Brokers Tip won the race by a nose, making it the only win of his career? Talk about being a “one-trick pony”!

Now, onto today's picks from the Raymond Report Premium horse racing section:

Aqueduct Race #5:

Win: (2) Mia Bea Star

Place: (5) Amity Island

Show: (4) Freddymo Factor

Joker: (1) Curly Girl

“Did you know?” Aqueduct Racetrack is located in Queens, New York, and opened in 1894. The track record for 1 mile on the dirt is held by Najran, who set the record in 2003 with a time of 1:32.24.

Gulfstream Park Race #2:

Win: (4) Cruzin Man

Place: (3) Sea Hunter

Show: (5) Aaraj

“Did you know?” Gulfstream Park is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and opened in 1939. The track record for 5 furlongs on the all-weather track is held by Pay Any Price, who set the record in 2017 with a time of 0:53.61.

Laurel Park Race #7:

Win: (2) Proper Attire

Place: (1) I'm Gittin There

Show: (6) Golden Effect

“Did you know?” Laurel Park is located in Laurel, Maryland, and opened in 1911. The track record for 6 furlongs on the dirt is held by Challedon, who set the record in 1939 with a time of 1:08.40.

Santa Anita Race #3:

Win: (3) Game Time

Place: (1) Keen to Go

Show: (4) Mucino

“Did you know?” Santa Anita Park is located in Arcadia, California, and opened in 1934. The track record for 1 mile on the turf is held by Wise Dan, who set the record in 2013 with a time of 1:31.78.

Now, let's take a moment to appreciate some famous jockeys with great career accomplishments. Eddie Arcaro is one such legend who won a record 17 Triple Crown races, including five Kentucky Derbies. His secret to success? He always carried a rabbit's foot for good luck – and maybe a little “hare” of the dog to keep his spirits up!

And who can forget Bill Shoemaker, who won 11 Triple Crown races and had an incredible 8,833 career victories? This jockey was so skilled, he could ride a horse to victory while standing on one leg – just horsing around, of course!

Alright, it's time for our signature “Joker” picks! In each race, we've got a horse that might just surprise you with an unexpected win, or at the very least, put a smile on your face with their quirky names.

Today's Joker (Value) Picks are:

  • Aqueduct: (1) Curly Girl
  • Gulfstream Park: (6) Syndicated
  • Laurel Park: (5) Stand by You
  • Santa Anita: (2) Wizard of Westwood

Remember, folks, these picks are just for fun – but if they do manage to pull off a win, you might want to share a “hay” with them in celebration!

That's all for today's “The Funny Finish Line: Where Horse Racing and Laughter Meet Daily.” Remember to enjoy the races, have a good laugh, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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