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ATS STATS Computer Baseball Predictions (05/09/24)

Here's a tipsheet for today's MLB games based on the ATS STATS Computer Picks:

Game Highlights – May 9, 2024

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Cincinnati Reds

  • Time: 13:10 at Great American Ball Park
  • Pitchers: Cecconi (ARI) vs. Greene (CIN)
  • ATS Computer Pick: Cincinnati Reds (4.98) over Arizona Diamondbacks (4.07)
  • Key Stats:
  • Arizona: 3-game winning streak; 5-5 in last 10; Strong recent SOS at 59.18%
  • Cincinnati: 7-game losing streak; 2-8 in last 10; Higher recent SOS at 67.35%
  • Trend: Cincinnati shows a higher chance of breaking their losing streak with a higher V.I. score and home-field advantage.

Seattle Mariners vs. Minnesota Twins

  • Time: 13:10 at Target Field
  • Pitchers: Gilbert (SEA) vs. Lopez (MIN)
  • ATS Computer Pick: Minnesota Twins (3.65) over Seattle Mariners (3.51)
  • Key Stats:
  • Seattle: Neutral trend; 5-5 in last 10; Struggling with a 10-25 O/U record
  • Minnesota: Bullish trend with 8-2 in last 10; Balanced O/U performance
  • Trend: Minnesota's momentum and stronger performance could edge out Seattle.

San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies

  • Time: 15:10 at Coors Field
  • Pitchers: Winn (SF) vs. Quantrill (COL)
  • ATS Computer Pick: San Francisco Giants (5.8) over Colorado Rockies (4.43)
  • Key Stats:
  • San Francisco: 2-game winning streak; Mixed 4-6 in last 10; High SOS of 57.14%
  • Colorado: 4-game losing streak; Poor 1-9 in last 10; Lower SOS
  • Trend: San Francisco looks strong against a struggling Colorado team.

Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees

  • Time: 17:05 at Yankee Stadium
  • Pitchers: Blanco (HOU) vs. Stroman (NYY)
  • ATS Computer Pick: New York Yankees (4.7) over Houston Astros (4.57)
  • Key Stats:
  • Houston: 4-game losing streak; 5-5 in last 10; Lower COGO at 29%
  • New York: 5-game winning streak; Strong 7-3 in last 10; High V.I. score
  • Trend: Yankees are favored to continue their winning streak with a bullish trend.

Cleveland Guardians vs. Chicago White Sox

  • Time: 19:40 at Guaranteed Rate Field
  • Pitchers: Lively (CLE) vs. Fedde (CHW)
  • ATS Computer Pick: Cleveland Guardians (4.62) over Chicago White Sox (3.73)
  • Key Stats:
  • Cleveland: 1-game win streak; Even 5-5 in last 10; Strong SOS of 53.06%
  • Chicago: 1-game win streak; Poor 4-6 in last 10; Struggling with low wins overall
  • Trend: Cleveland shows more consistent performance and a neutral trend against Chicago's struggling season.

Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Angels

  • Time: 21:38 at Angel Stadium
  • Pitchers: Wacha (KC) vs. Detmers (LA)
  • ATS Computer Pick: Kansas City Royals (4.62) over Los Angeles Angels (4.23)
  • Key Stats:
  • Kansas City: 1-game win streak; Even 5-5 in last 10; Decent SOS of 53.06%
  • Los Angeles: 2-game win streak; Poor 4-6 in last 10; High O/U performance
  • Trend: Kansas City shows potential to perform well against a relatively weaker Angels side.

Betting Insights:

  • Look for opportunities where home-field advantage and current streaks may influence outcomes.
  • Pay attention to the SOS (Strength of Schedule) and V.I. (Value Index) scores for deeper insights into team conditions and potential performance.

Use these insights to guide your betting strategies for today's games!