MLB Betting Trends: Monday, September 18th, 2023

Welcome to this edition of the 80% Club, where we dive into today's top MLB trends. As bettors search for the edge, historical trends can provide a unique perspective. Here's what the Raymond Report suggests for today's games:

1. Texas Rangers' Home Strength:

When playing at home and coming off a game where they scored just 2 runs, the Rangers have been formidable, boasting a 10-1 SU record this season (90.91%).

2. Astros' Monday Over Tendency:

Since 1996, Astros' home games on Mondays have often resulted in high scores. The Over stands at 107-115-9, hitting at a 90% rate.

3. Dodgers Riding the Wave:

The Dodgers have been dominant, especially when they have momentum on their side. They are 18-3 SU at home after a 3-game winning streak in the last 2 years (85.71%). This extends to a 22-4 SU record over the last 3 years (84.62%).

4. Braves and the Deuces:

An interesting trend for the Braves – when they score precisely 2 runs in their last game and play at home, their record is 18-3 SU over the past 2 years and 22-4 SU over 3 years (both trends at 84.62%). This pattern persists over 4 years, with a record of 27-6 SU (81.82%).

5. Orioles' Over Trend:

In the current season, when the Orioles play away and are coming off a game where they conceded 4 runs, the ‘Over' is a solid 10-2-0 (83.33%). Additionally, they have a stellar 16-4 SU record when playing away following a game that went ‘Under' (80%).

6. Brewers' Monday Under Trend:

For the past 2 years, when the Brewers play on the road on a Monday, the game has largely gone ‘Under' with a trend of 4-18-0 (81.82%).

7. Mets & Monday Overs:

Playing away on a Monday seems to be high scoring for the Mets, with the ‘Over' being 22-5-0 in the last 3 years (81.48%).

8. Dodgers vs AL WEST:

The Dodgers seem to have a particular advantage when they play at home against AL WEST division opponents, with records of 23-5 SU over the past 3 years (82.14%) and 24-6 SU over the past 4 years (80%).

For those placing wagers, remember to always combine these trends with current game-day factors like player conditions, weather, and recent performance. Best of luck with your bets, and enjoy the action!

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