Monday Night Football Pick

Monday Night Football Browns vs Steelers Preview – September 18th, 2023

As the lights come on this Monday night, football fans are in for a treat. The Cleveland Browns will march onto Pittsburgh's turf, ready to lock horns with the Steelers in a game that promises a mix of new-age tactics and old rivalries. Let's dive into the stats and trends leading up to this primetime showdown.

Team Snapshots:

  • Cleveland Browns:
  • Point Spread: Favored by 2 points.
  • Money Line: -125
  • Season's Performance: Starting strong with a 1-0 record.
  • Recent Form: Flexed their muscles against the Cincinnati Bengals, cruising to a 3-24 win.
  • Historical Performance vs Steelers: A challenging record to overlook, standing at 3-22.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers:
  • Point Spread: Underdogs by 2 points.
  • Money Line: 105
  • Season's Performance: Yet to find their footing with a 0-1 start.
  • Recent Form: Had a tough outing against the San Francisco 49ers, ending on the wrong side of a 30-7 scoreline.
  • Historical Performance vs Browns: Have dominated the Browns over the years, boasting a 22-3 record.

Key Situational Insights:

  • Browns: Eager to build upon their momentum, especially after a win against an AFC North opponent where they showcased their offensive might by putting up 24 points.
  • Steelers: The pressure's mounting, especially coming off a loss against an NFC West opponent, where their offense was stifled, managing just 7 points.

Betting Trends:

  • Browns: Historically, when on the road against an AFC North opponent and having come off an ATS win, they've been 6-9-2 ATS and 3-14 SU.
  • Steelers: In home games played on Mondays, coming off a matchup against a National Conference opponent, they've managed an impressive 6-4-0 ATS and an even more dominant 9-1 SU.


This Monday night clash promises to be a spectacle. While the Browns have been on the upswing recently, the Steelers enjoy a historically dominant position in this matchup. It's the classic battle of form versus history, new school versus old school. As the Browns look to rewrite the narrative, the Steelers will be gunning to prove that some things, like their dominance over the Browns, never change.

Tune in to witness this electrifying matchup and may the best team win!

Monday Night Football Pick