MLB Betting Trends – Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Welcome sports bettors! It's another fantastic day for Major League Baseball. As we approach the final stretch of the season, let's delve into some of the top betting trends based on the Raymond Report's 80% Club stats.

The Diamondbacks' High-Scoring Away Games on Tuesdays

  • When the Diamondbacks are the visiting team on a Tuesday, the trend has been heavily favoring the Over. This season has seen the Over hit at 10-2-0 (83.33%). This trend isn't just a recent phenomenon; since 1996, the Over is at 140-161-18 in these situations.
  • Similarly, when the Diamondbacks are away and coming off a game where they scored exactly 4 runs, the Over is at 8-1-1 (80%) for the current season and 113-141-14 (80%) since 1996.

Dominant Home Teams

  • The Orioles are standing tall with an 8-2 SU (straight-up) record when played at home after a win over an AL Central Division opponent this season.
  • Braves fans have reason to cheer; their team is at an 8-2 SU record when at home and coming off a win by 3 runs.
  • The Giants have been formidable when playing at home after a division game or against an NL WEST Division opponent, boasting a commanding 16-4 SU record in both situations this season.

Watch Out for the Overs!

  • The Twins, when playing at home coming off a game versus an AL WEST Division opponent, have seen the Over trend at 8-2-0 (80%) this season. Since 1996, this trend stands at 199-219-17.
  • Rockies' fans, when your team is at home and coming off five unders, expect a high-scoring game! The Over is at a solid 8-2-0 (80%) for the past five years in these situations.

Going Under When Played at Home

  • The Mets have leaned towards the Under at home after conceding exactly 5 runs in the last game. This trend is 2-8-0 (80%) for the current season and 108-107-4 since 1996.
  • The Guardians follow suit with the Under trending at 113-93-10 (80%) since 1996 when at home after allowing 5 runs.

Yankees' September Form

  • The Yankees seem to love the fall! They have an 8-2 SU record when on the road in September this season.

Remember, while these trends provide insight into historical patterns, no outcome is guaranteed in sports. Many factors like team form, injuries, and unique matchups can significantly impact results. Use trends as part of your research toolkit, but always ensure a comprehensive approach when making any betting decisions. Enjoy the games, and may the odds be in your favor!

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