MLB Betting Trends

Thursday’s MLB Betting Focus: Insights from the Raymond Report

As the MLB season journeys toward its thrilling conclusion, bettors are meticulously poring over statistics to find the winning edge. This Thursday, September 28, 2023, is no exception, with a full slate of MLB games on tap. Utilizing the Raymond Report and the 80% Club Stats, here's a look at some key trends that could guide your betting decisions.

1. **Arizona Diamondbacks' O/U Trends**

   – The Diamondbacks exhibit a robust trend towards the Over when playing away, especially following a win in game 2 of a series. Historically since 1996, the Over has hit at an 84.62% rate under these circumstances, with a similar trend apparent in the current season as well.

2. **Yankees' Strength in September**

   – The Yankees have been formidable on the road this September, boasting an impressive 10-2 straight-up (SU) record. This trend illustrates their prowess and adaptation to the crucial pre-playoff pressure.

3. **Twins' Scoreboard Lights Up vs AL WEST**

   – When facing AL WEST division opponents at home, the Twins have leaned heavily towards the Over, both historically and in the current season, with an 83.33% rate. This suggests a potential high-scoring affair in today’s matchup.

4. **Red Sox Rebound Tendencies**

   – Historically, following a 5-run loss, the Red Sox have trended towards the Over when playing away. This trend remains consistent over the last 3 years and could be indicative of their offensive rebound capability.

5. **Cardinals' Under Streak Post-Road Trip**

   – The Under has been a friend to bettors in Cardinals’ away games following a 5-game road trip over the last two years. With an 81.82% rate, it's a trend worth monitoring.

6. **Braves' Over Trend in September**

   – The Braves have shown a propensity for high-scoring games at home in September, both historically and in the current season, hitting the Over at an 81.82% rate.

7. **Phillies' Dominance Post High-Scoring Game**

   – With a remarkable 18-4 SU record when playing at home after scoring 7 runs in their last game over the past two years, the Phillies showcase their offensive consistency.

8. **Dodgers' Over Trend Following High Scoring**

   – When the Dodgers play away and are coming off a high-scoring game, the Over tends to hit. This trend is prevalent in the current season and historically since 1996.

9. **Mets' Thursday Magic**

   – The Mets boast a strong 20-5 SU record when playing at home on Thursdays over the last two years, hinting at a possible edge for bettors.

10. **Rockies' Over Trend Post-Unders**

    – The Rockies have a tendency towards the Over when coming off two Under results, both in the current season and historically since 1996.

11. **Braves' Dominance Over NL CENTRAL**

    – The Braves have excelled at home against NL CENTRAL division opponents following a win, with an 80% SU rate this season.

These trends provide a fascinating glimpse into the potential outcomes for today’s MLB games. By integrating these insights with other relevant factors, bettors can make more informed decisions as they seek to capitalize on Thursday’s MLB action.

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