MLB Trends 092023

MLB Betting Trends: Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

Bettors and baseball enthusiasts, welcome back to another MLB Betting Trends feature. We're delving into the records and numbers to identify some patterns that could potentially shape your decisions. Here are today’s top trends:

1. Dominant Dodgers:

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been on fire, especially when riding a winning streak at home. Their performance after a 5-game winning streak is nothing short of exceptional:

  • A scorching 15-1 SU record over the last 4 years (93.75%).
  • Extending the timeframe, they’re 20-3 SU over 6 years (86.96%), 16-3 SU over 5 years (84.21%), and 21-4 SU over 7 years (84%).

2. LA Angels & High-Scoring Affairs:

The LA Angels, when on the road and coming off a loss in the first game of a series, tend to be involved in high-scoring games:

  • Historically, the ‘Over' has a 155-183-22 record since 1996 (83.33%).
  • For the current season, this pattern holds with an ‘Over' trend of 10-2-0 (83.33%).

3. Low Scoring Brewers on Wednesdays:

When the Brewers are on the road on Wednesdays, low-scoring games have been the norm this season, with an ‘Under' record of 2-10-0 (83.33%).

4. Orioles & September Success:

The Baltimore Orioles seem to thrive in September when playing away, boasting a 9-2 SU record for the current season (81.82%).

5. Wednesday Winners – Yankees:

The New York Yankees have been solid at home on Wednesdays this season with a 9-2 SU record (81.82%).

6. Diamondbacks Shine against NL WEST:

At home and coming off a win over an NL WEST opponent, the Diamondbacks are 12-3 SU during this season (80%).

7. Rockies’ Low Scoring Pattern:

Away games for the Rockies, coming off a loss in the second game of a series, have seen an ‘Under' trend of 3-12-0 this season (80%).

8. Reds’ Resilience:

After suffering a 7-run loss, the Reds bounce back at home with an 8-2 SU record over the last 4 years (80%).

9. Marlins' Fightback:

Following a game where they conceded 3 runs, the Marlins have an impressive 8-2 SU record at home this season (80%).

10. Mariners’ High-Scoring Road Games:

In away games, coming off a 2-game road trip, the Mariners have an ‘Over' trend of 8-2-0 in the last 4 years (80%).

Remember, while historical trends offer insights, games can always take unexpected turns. Always consider other factors, and of course, enjoy the matches! Best of luck to all!

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