MLB Trends 091923

MLB Betting Trends: Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

Welcome back to another edition of MLB Betting Trends, where we explore the intriguing patterns in baseball. Let’s unpack the top trends for today:

1. Rangers on the Rebound:

The Texas Rangers have shown resilience after losing streaks. Notably:

  • They’re 9-1 SU at home coming off a 4-game losing streak in the last 4 years (90%).
  • This trend extends to 11-2 SU over the past 5 years (84.62%) and 14-3 SU over 7 years (82.35%).

2. Braves Bounce Back Strong:

Following a game where they concede 7 runs, the Braves shine with a 14-2 SU record at home in the last 2 years (87.5%). Moreover, they're 10-2 SU after a 4-game losing streak in the past 7 years (83.33%).

3. Mets and the ‘Under' Play:

For the Mets, away games coming off a win in the first game of a series have often leaned ‘Under'. This trend is evident since 1996 with a 152-151-15 record and stands at 2-12-0 (85.7%) for the current season.

4. High-Scoring Tuesdays:

Several teams tend to deliver action-packed games on Tuesdays:

  • Dodgers are 10-2 SU at home this season (83.33%).
  • Red Sox, when playing away, have an ‘Over' record of 9-2-0 (81.82%).
  • Reds, when at home, lean towards the ‘Over' both this season (9-2-0) and historically since 1996 (150-154-15).
  • Similarly, the Nationals lean ‘Over' at home on Tuesdays this season with a 9-2-0 record (81.82%).

5. Rockies Low Scoring After a Big Win:

When the Rockies play away, coming off a game where they scored 9 runs, the ‘Under' has a trend of 2-9-0 in the last 2 years (81.82%).

6. Astros’ Recovery:

The Astros are 10-2 SU when played at home, coming off a game where they conceded 8 runs in the last game over the past 4 years (83.33%).

7. Late Bloomers, The Orioles:

The Orioles seem to have a penchant for September with an 8-2 SU record when playing away this month during the current season (80%).

8. Quiet Mariners Wins:

For the Mariners, away games following a 5-run win have mostly been low scoring with an ‘Under' trend of 1-8-1 in the past 4 years (80%).

9. Cubs’ Home Comfort:

The Cubs have a striking 8-2 SU record when played at home coming off a game where they conceded 6 runs during the current season (80%).

Always remember to consider the myriad of game-day factors beyond historical trends when making betting decisions.

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