MLB Trends 092723

MLB Betting Trends – Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Greetings, baseball fans! We're nearing the climax of another thrilling MLB season, and as teams battle it out, there are some compelling trends shaping up. Let's dive into some top betting patterns sourced from the Raymond Report's 80% Club stats at ATS STATS.

Strong Home Performers

  1. The Brewers seem almost invincible at home, registering a 9-1 SU record when coming off a loss against an NL Central Division opponent this season.
  2. The Guardians exhibit strong resilience, boasting a 28-6 SU when playing at home following a three-game losing streak over the past seven years.
  3. Mets fans have something to cheer about on Wednesdays. The team has an 81.82% success rate (9-2 SU) when playing at home on this day during the current season.

Over/Under Insights

  1. The Padres tend to keep the scoreboard modest when they're the visiting team coming off a win against a left-handed pitcher, with the Under at 2-11-0 this season and 134-121-9 since '96.
  2. The Pirates away games seem to be quite the spectacle, especially when they're trying to bounce back from a two-game losing streak. The Over has clocked in at 10-2-0 this season.
  3. As the fall season begins, the Braves at home tend to light up the scoreboard, with the Over trending at 8-2-0 in September this year.
  4. The Twins also join the high-scoring party when at home and facing an AL West Division opponent, with the Over at 9-2-0 this season.

Formidable Away Teams

  1. The Yankees are shining in September, maintaining an 81.82% success rate (9-2 SU) when on the road this month.
  2. The Astros, too, have been formidable on Wednesdays away from home, recording a 9-2 SU for the current season.

Notable Under Trends

  1. Wednesdays seem to be a low-scoring day for the Guardians at home, with the Under trending at 2-9-0 this season.
  2. The Rangers, when on the road and coming off a game where they allowed 9 runs, have seen the Under trend at 1-8-1 over the last two years.

In Summary

While trends give us a historical perspective and pattern, it's vital to remember that every game is unique. Factors like team morale, injuries, and in-game dynamics can have significant implications. Use these trends as part of your betting toolkit, but make decisions considering the larger context. Happy betting and enjoy the games!

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