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MLB Diamond Surfing Trends for Friday, May 17th, 2024

As we dive into another exciting day of MLB action, here are the top trends from the 80% Club Stats at ATS Stats that you need to know:

Top Team Trends:

1. New York Yankees:
The Yankees are on fire at home with a 13-1 SU record when coming off a 4-game winning streak over the last 4 years. This trend continues strong with a 10-1 SU record over the last 3 years and a 17-3 SU record over the last 5 years. Expect the Bronx Bombers to keep the momentum going! #PinstripePride

2. Toronto Blue Jays:
Low scoring games dominate for the Blue Jays when at home after facing a right-handed pitcher. This season, the under is 1-10-0 in such scenarios. #Jays

3. Atlanta Braves:
The Braves excel at home, especially after conceding 7 runs in their previous game. They boast a 15-2 SU record over the last 3 years and a 16-4 SU record over the last 4 years in these situations. Also, they have a solid 12-3 SU record after scoring just 1 run in their last game over the last 2 years. #ForTheA

4. Texas Rangers:
Home games for the Rangers tend to be low-scoring with a total between 8.5 and 9.5, standing at 3-13-0 under this season and 422-419-36 under since 1996. However, they perform well SU at 9-2 when coming off scoring 4 runs in the last 2 years. #StraightUpTX

5. Cleveland Guardians:
The Guardians are strong at home after non-division games, posting a 9-2 SU record this season. #ForTheLand

6. Houston Astros:
The Astros shine at home with a 9-2 SU record coming off a 5-game winning streak over the last 4 years, and an 8-2 SU record over the last 3 years. #Ready2Reign

7. St. Louis Cardinals:
The Cardinals bounce back well at home after a 5-run loss, with a 9-2 SU record over the last 3 years and a 13-3 SU record over the last 7 years. #STLCards

8. Pittsburgh Pirates:
High scoring games are common for the Pirates when playing away after a 4-road trip, with the over hitting 9-2-0 over the last 10 years. #RaiseIt

9. Miami Marlins:
The Marlins are 13-3-0 over as home favorites vs. right-handed pitchers this season and 8-2-0 over at home with totals between 7 and 8. #MakeItMiami

10. Oakland Athletics:
The Athletics perform well on the road after a 7-run loss, holding an 8-2 SU record over the last 6 years. #RootedInOakland

11. Kansas City Royals:
The Royals excel as home favorites with an 8-2 SU record this season. #TogetherRoyal

Bonus Trends:

  • New York Mets: The over is 12-3-0 when playing away against National Conference opponents this season. #LGM
  • Royals and Rangers Under Trends: The Royals have a consistent under trend when playing away vs division opponents at 2-8-0 this season, and 414-364-41 under since 1996. The Rangers are also trending under when playing home games vs division opponents, going 2-8-0 this season. #UnderKings

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