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Detailed Sports Betting Index (SBI) Report – April 1st, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive Sports Betting Index (SBI) Report for Monday, April 1st, 2024. As the sports world continues to evolve with thrilling matchups and unpredictable outcomes, understanding the landscape becomes pivotal for those looking to engage in sports betting. Today, we dive deep into the currents shaping the NBA, MLB, and NHL, providing a detailed analysis aimed at offering bettors clear, precise insights to inform their strategies.

From the dominance of NBA favorites to the bullish trend of overs in MLB games, and the intriguing performance of NHL underdogs against the spread, our report breaks down the latest trends and patterns. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the sports betting scene, this report is designed to guide you through the complexities of the market, highlighting opportunities and considerations in today's games.

Join us as we explore the data, trends, and statistics that could make all the difference in your betting decisions on this first day of April, ensuring you have the information needed to place your bets with confidence. Let's get into the details.

NBA Insights:

  • Straight Up (SU) Favorites show a strong performance across all time frames, highlighted by a 90% win rate on the most recent day, indicating a bullish trend for favorites.
  • 1-Day Performance: 90% Favorites win rate – Bullish
  • Year To Date (YTD): 70.1% Favorites win rate – Bullish
  • Over/Under (O/U) Performance also leans towards higher scoring games recently, with an 80% rate of games going over the total points line on the most recent day.
  • 1-Day Over Performance: 80% – Bullish
  • YTD Over Performance: 51.9% – Neutral
  • Against The Spread (ATS) Favorites vs. Dogs is more balanced, reflecting competitive matchups where outcomes are less predictable.
  • 1-Day ATS Favorites Win Rate: 56% – Neutral
  • YTD ATS Favorites Win Rate: 52.2% – Slightly Bullish

MLB Insights:

  • SU Favorites had a bearish performance recently but show a neutral trend over the year.
  • 1-Day Favorites Win Rate: 40% – Bearish
  • YTD Favorites Win Rate: 54.8% – Neutral
  • O/U Overs consistently bullish, indicating a trend towards higher-scoring MLB games.
  • Across All Time Frames: 60% of games went over – Bullish
  • ATS Underdogs had an exceptionally strong performance on the most recent day, suggesting value in betting against the favorites in certain matchups.
  • 1-Day ATS Underdogs Win Rate: 80% – Bullish for Underdogs

NHL Insights:

  • SU Favorites demonstrate exceptional strength in the short term, with a perfect win rate on the most recent day.
  • 1-Day Favorites Win Rate: 100% – Extremely Bullish
  • YTD Favorites Win Rate: 59.8% – Bullish
  • O/U Overs show a significant drop in the short term, with no games going over on the most recent day.
  • 1-Day Over Performance: 0% – Extremely Bearish
  • YTD Over Performance: 48.2% – Neutral
  • ATS Underdogs have found considerable success, especially in the short term, indicating that while favorites may win, they often do not cover the spread.
  • 1-Day ATS Underdogs Win Rate: 100% – Extremely Bullish for Underdogs
  • YTD ATS Underdogs Win Rate: 60.9% – Bullish for Underdogs


This detailed look at the NBA, MLB, and NHL betting markets highlights trends that bettors might find valuable:

  • NBA bettors should note the strong performance of favorites and the tendency for games to go over the points total recently.
  • MLB showcases a neutral trend for favorites over the year but a bullish tendency for games to score high, suggesting the overs market might be worth considering.
  • NHL indicates a strong short-term performance for favorites in straight wins, but underdogs shine in ATS markets, suggesting closer games than expected.

This precise data-driven insight should aid bettors in making informed decisions, particularly noting the bullish trends in scoring across sports and the value found in underdogs within the NHL ATS markets.