MLB Trends 091223

MLB’s Elite: The 80% Club Stats Insight for Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Navigating the MLB betting landscape can be tricky, but armed with the right stats and trends, one can identify the teams and situations that historically have a higher likelihood of coming through. Enter the prestigious 80% Club: a collection of the most compelling MLB trends that have occurred at a rate of 80% or higher. Let's delve into today's games using the Raymond Report's baseball betting trends.

  1. Baltimore's High Scoring Encounters: The Orioles have been a powerhouse at home after coming off a 6-run win. Historically, the ‘Over' has cashed in a staggering 9 out of 10 times in such situations over the last seven years.
  2. Phillies' Dominant Home Record: The Phillies have been formidable at home, especially after scoring 7 runs in their previous game. Over the past two years, they have an outstanding 17-3 SU record in such scenarios, and this trend extends to 18-4 over the past three years.
  3. Braves' Roaring Road Games: When the Braves, as the visiting team, come off a game where they scored 5 runs, they've been nearly unstoppable this season, registering an 11-2 SU record.
  4. Dodgers' Terrific Tuesday: The Dodgers seem to have a particular affinity for Tuesdays, boasting a 9-2 SU record when playing at home on this day during the current season.
  5. Giants' Tuesday Magic: Not to be left out, the Giants also shine bright on Tuesdays at home, mirroring the Dodgers with a 9-2 SU record this season.
  6. Orioles & Diamondbacks Over Trend: While the Orioles have seen the ‘Over' prevail in 9 out of 11 games when playing at home on a Tuesday this season, the Diamondbacks have the same ‘Over' trend in away games on Tuesdays.
  7. Guardians on the Prowl: After a lengthy 5-game road trip, the Guardians seem to find their rhythm, showcasing a 16-4 SU record over the past three years in such situations.
  8. Cardinals' Defensive Woes: When the Cardinals, on the road, come off a game where they conceded 11 runs, the ‘Under' has been a prevalent trend, clocking in at 2-8 over the last six years.
  9. Giants' Winning Streak Continuation: The Giants, when playing at home after enjoying a 4-game winning streak, have been dominant with a 12-3 SU record over the past three years. Additionally, when they secure a win in the first game of a series at home this season, they maintain momentum, holding an 8-2 SU record.
  10. A Historic Trend: An intriguing trend to note is that the Diamondbacks, when playing away on a Tuesday, have seen the ‘Over' cash in 139 out of 200 games since 1996.

In conclusion, while these trends offer a fantastic lens to view today's games, it's always crucial for bettors to overlay current team performance, player conditions, and other game-day variables. Still, for those who appreciate history's cyclical nature, these stats provide a compelling perspective. Happy betting!

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