NFL Week 2 Trends

NFL Week 2 Betting Stats and Trends: The 80% Club

NFL fantasy players and bettors are always on the hunt for reliable stats and trends to sharpen their predictions. The Raymond Report’s 80% Club Stats for NFL Week 2 is a trove of such precious information. These numbers highlight teams' historical performances under specific conditions, giving bettors an edge when making their picks.

NFL Week 2 Trends

Let's break down some of the standout trends from the list:

  1. Broncos' Home Dominance: If you're betting on the Broncos at home in Week 2, history is on your side. They boast a staggering 19-1 SU (Straight Up) record when playing as the home team during Week 2 since 1996.
  2. 49ERS as Away Favorites: San Francisco seems to enjoy their role as away favorites, especially with short rest. Their 14-1 SU when played as a 7.0 to 9.5 away favorite with 6 days off is a trend to watch.
  3. Bills Bouncing Back: The Bills have a knack for regrouping after a Monday night loss, holding a 13-1 SU record when played as the home team following such a defeat.
  4. Chiefs’ Resilience: Kansas City is no stranger to bouncing back after losses, especially on the road. They're 13-1 SU as an away team coming off a loss in the last five years.
  5. Under and Over Trends: If you're an over/under bettor, keep an eye on the Titans, Lions, and Giants. For instance, the under has hit a whopping 91.67% of the time for the Titans when they play at home before a non-division game in the last two years. Conversely, the over has come through 90% of the time for the Lions when they're the home team coming off a game that went under in the last five years.
  6. 49ERS' Sunday Special: San Francisco has a striking 21-2 SU record when played as a 7.0 to 9.5 away favorite on Sundays since 1996. That's a 91.3% win rate!
  7. Buccaneers’ Winning Streak: Tampa Bay shows consistency at home. They have a 13-1 SU record when they play as a 0 to -3.0 home favorite after a single-game winning streak.
  8. Saints as Road Warriors: The Saints appear frequently in the 80% club, especially when playing as an away favorite in the 3.5 to 6.5 point range. They have an imposing record under various scenarios, including coming off a home ATS loss, facing a national conference opponent, or just playing as the road team in recent years.
  9. High Scoring Chiefs: Watch the totals when the Chiefs are on the road. They have an 85% rate of hitting the over when the total is set at 51.5 in the last five years.
  10. Patriots' Conference Dominance: New England stands tall with a 57-13 SU record when playing as the home team against American Conference opponents in the past decade, translating to an 81.43% win rate.

To conclude, while past performance does not guarantee future results, historical trends like these provide valuable insights. Combining these stats with current team conditions, injuries, and other factors will offer the best chance at successful picks. Happy betting!

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