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Ron Raymond’s MLB Power Ratings – June 3, 2024

The MLB season is moving into full swing, and teams are beginning to show their true potential. Here’s the latest update on Ron Raymond’s MLB Power Ratings based on recent performances, strength of schedule (SOS), and overall power rating (PR).

Top Performers:

  1. NY Yankees (42-19, .689 Winning %, SOS: 48.25, PR: 0.59)
    • The Yankees maintain their top spot with a strong win percentage and consistent performance against a moderately tough schedule.
  2. Baltimore Orioles (37-20, .649 Winning %, SOS: 48.56, PR: 0.57)
    • The Orioles continue to excel, showing resilience and strength despite facing a challenging schedule.
  3. Cleveland Indians (39-20, .661 Winning %, SOS: 44.68, PR: 0.55)
    • Cleveland remains a dominant force, with a high winning percentage and solid power rating.
  4. Philadelphia Phillies (41-19, .683 Winning %, SOS: 44.05, PR: 0.56)
    • The Phillies are performing exceptionally well, handling their schedule with impressive results.
  5. Milwaukee Brewers (36-23, .610 Winning %, SOS: 48.71, PR: 0.55)
    • The Brewers show great consistency, maintaining a strong position with a solid power rating.

Teams on the Rise:

  1. San Diego Padres (32-30, .516 Winning %, SOS: 51.33, PR: 0.51)
    • The Padres are climbing the rankings with strong recent performances and a balanced win-loss record.
  2. Seattle Mariners (34-27, .557 Winning %, SOS: 50.97, PR: 0.53)
    • The Mariners are making waves, showing potential with solid performances against a challenging schedule.


  1. Chicago White Sox (15-45, .250 Winning %, SOS: 56.40, PR: 0.41)
    • The White Sox continue to struggle significantly, facing a tough schedule and finding it hard to convert games into wins.
  2. Miami Marlins (21-39, .350 Winning %, SOS: 50.44, PR: 0.43)
    • The Marlins are having a challenging season, reflected in their low win rate and mid-level strength of schedule.
  3. Oakland Athletics (24-37, .393 Winning %, SOS: 52.11, PR: 0.46)
    • The Athletics are underperforming, with a difficult schedule impacting their overall performance.

Power Rating Table (Top and Bottom 5):

RankTeamRecordWin %SOS %PR
1NY Yankees42-19.68948.250.59
2Baltimore Orioles37-20.64948.560.57
3Cleveland Indians39-20.66144.680.55
4Philadelphia Phillies41-19.68344.050.56
5Milwaukee Brewers36-23.61048.710.55
26Oakland Athletics24-37.39352.110.46
27Miami Marlins21-39.35050.440.43
28Chicago White Sox15-45.25056.400.41
29Toronto Blue Jays28-30.48251.210.50
30Texas Rangers29-30.49148.100.49


The Yankees, Orioles, and Indians continue to dominate the league with their impressive performances and strong power ratings. The Phillies and Brewers are also showing consistency and strength. On the other hand, the White Sox, Marlins, and Athletics are struggling to find their footing. Keep an eye on the Padres and Mariners as they rise through the rankings with their recent strong performances.

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how teams adapt and whether their power ratings improve or decline based on their performance trends and opposition strength!