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Today’s Insights from the 80% Club: NHL and MLB Games for October 16th, 2023

The world of sports is filled with unpredictability, where anything can happen on any given day. However, for those who delve deep into statistics, certain patterns and trends emerge that can provide valuable insights. The 80% Club from ATS STATS is one such treasure trove, shedding light on teams' performances under specific conditions. Here's a breakdown of today's NHL and MLB games based on these illuminating stats.

MLB Highlights:

  1. Philadelphia Phillies Dominance in October: The Phillies have shown consistent performance in October. They stand at an impressive 11-1 SU when playing at home in the last 7 years, showcasing a win rate of 91.67%. Expanding the timeframe to the last decade, they still hold strong at 13-3 SU, translating to an 81.25% success rate. Additionally, they've registered a 12-3 SU when playing at home with a total score between 7 and 8 during the current season, affirming their 80% success trend.
  2. Astros and High-Scoring Mondays: The Astros have a notable pattern for high-scoring games, especially on Mondays. Since 1996, games that featured the Astros playing at home on a Monday have gone over the set total 108 times out of 232, a significant 90.91%. This trend continues into the current season with a 10-1-0 record for going over the total.
  3. Diamondbacks' Away Game Scoring Trend: The Diamondbacks, when playing away and coming off a game where they scored 4 runs, have a trend of going over the set total. During the current season, this has happened 9 times out of 11, and since 1996, it's occurred 114 times out of 269, both translating to an 81.82% rate.

NHL Highlights:

  1. Panthers' Away Underdog Performance: The Panthers, when playing as an away underdog, have consistently outperformed expectations. Before a division game in the last 3 years, they've gone 9-1-0 ATS, a 90% success rate. Additionally, in the month of October over the last 6 years, they stand at 11-2-0 ATS, and expanding this to the last decade, they boast a 26-5-0 ATS, reflecting rates of 84.62% and 83.87% respectively.
  2. Red Wings' Away Favorite Form: The Red Wings, when playing as an away favorite, have showcased commendable consistency. In the last decade, after a home win, they've recorded a 13-2 SU, an 86.67% success rate. Furthermore, when coming off a single winning streak, their record stands at 12-2 SU, an 85.71% rate. Their form remains solid with an 18-4 SU when coming off any win in the last 10 years, an 81.82% success rate.
  3. Devils' Home Favorite Streak: The Devils, when playing as a home favorite and coming off a single losing streak, have consistently bounced back. In the last 5 years, they've gone 13-3 SU, an 81.25% win rate. Narrowing it down to the last 4 years, their record is 12-3 SU, maintaining the 80% success benchmark.

In Conclusion:
Today's games promise to be thrilling, and armed with these insights from the 80% Club, fans and analysts alike can watch out for these trends as they unfold. Whether you're a casual viewer or someone placing bets, this data offers a fascinating lens through which to view the matchups. Play ball!

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