NHL Power ratings

NHL Power Ratings for Week 1 Games (10/16/23)

Here's a summarized analysis of the NHL Power Rating based on Week 1 games:

Top Performing Teams (based on win %):

  1. ARIZONA, BOSTON, COLORADO, DALLAS, NY ISLANDERS, TORONTO, VANCOUVER, VEGAS – All these teams have a win percentage of 100%.

Teams with the Highest Power Rating (P R):

  1. ARIZONA, DALLAS, TORONTO – With a P R of 0.75, these teams have the highest power rating after Week 1 games.

Struggling Teams (based on win %):

  1. BUFFALO, EDMONTON, FLORIDA, LOS ANGELES, SAN JOSE, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – These teams haven't registered a win yet and have a win percentage of 0.00%.

Teams with the Lowest Power Rating (P R):

  1. SEATTLE – With a P R of 0.31, Seattle has the lowest power rating after Week 1 games.
  2. WASHINGTON – Close behind with a P R of 0.33.

Most Challenging Schedule (based on SOS %):

  1. EDMONTON, SAN JOSE – Both teams faced opponents with an average winning percentage of 100%, indicating they had the toughest schedule.

Easiest Schedule (based on SOS %):

  1. COLORADO, NY ISLANDERS, VANCOUVER – All these teams faced opponents with an average winning percentage of 0.00%, indicating they had the least challenging schedule.

Mixed Results (50% win rate):
Several teams including ANAHEIM, CALGARY, COLUMBUS, DETROIT, MINNESOTA, MONTREAL, NEW JERSEY, PHILADELPHIA, ST LOUIS, and WINNIPEG had a balanced win-loss record in the first week.

Other Observations:

  • Most teams maintained consistent performance across the last 7 and 14 games, which makes sense given that only one week of games has been played.
  • The Strength of Schedule (SOS %) provides insight into how challenging a team's opponents were. A higher percentage indicates a more challenging schedule.
  • Power Rating (P R) is a good metric to gauge a team's performance against its challenges. A higher P R indicates a better overall performance.

In conclusion, while some teams have started the season on a high note, others have had a challenging start. It's essential to note that it's just the beginning, and the dynamics can change as the season progresses.

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