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20/20 Vision: Betting, Banter and Baffling Brilliance (04/07/23)

Welcome to 20/20 Vision: Betting, Banter and Baffling Brilliance, where we explore the brilliance of the attached facts provided by Ron Raymond of the Raymond Report, while also bringing in the lighter side of sports.

Major league baseball favorites are having a great run over the last two days, going 14-4 straight up. This is a trend to keep an eye on as we move forward in the season. But keep in mind, what goes up, must come down eventually!

The Boston Bruins have been the masters of one goal games, playing 32 of them this season and their last six games have all been one goal games. Can they continue this trend in the playoffs and make a run for the Stanley Cup? Only time will tell.

Chris Bassit's 24.30 ERA is not what the Blue Jays expected when they signed him in the offseason. Let's see how his second start goes tonight in Anaheim.

Giddy Up Favorites

From the WOW department, NBA home favorites of -7.0 to -9.5 are 23-5 straight up on the season for a remarkable 82.14%. This is definitely a trend to keep an eye on as we head into the playoffs.

The Guardians are a force to be reckoned with when they play as the home team coming off four wins, with a 90% win rate over the last five years.

In today's MLB games, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are the only game with two starting southpaws, featuring two wily veterans in Kershaw and Bumgarner. This is a rare occurrence, and it will be interesting to see how the “total” plays out.

NBA favorites have been winning 75% of their games over the last three days, but have only been covering 42.7% of them. This is a great reminder to maybe bet the games straight up and pass on the spread!

Linus Ullmark currently has the best goals against average in the league at 1.91, but can you guess who is in second place? Filip Gustavsson of the Minnesota Wild, who was traded from Ottawa, yeah the same team that is now starting Talbot who is constantly in the IR and has only played six games since January 27th.

MLB System Trend of the Day

When any MLB team plays as the home team as a favorite, in the first game of a series, coming off a road win and allowing five runs against in their last game, the over is 12-2-1 for the home favorite (CHC).

The Brewers are a powerhouse when they play as the home team coming off scoring seven runs in their last game, with a remarkable 83.33% win rate over the last two years.

Thanks for tuning into 20/20 Vision: Betting, Banter and Baffling Brilliance. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the latest trends in sports betting and handicapping.

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