Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights Preview & Prediction (08/25/2020)

NHL PicksVegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (29) blocks a shot by Nashville Predators right wing Craig Smith (15) during the second period of an NHL hockey game Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights Preview & Prediction (08/25/2020) – The Vegas Golden Knights took care of business in game #1 in their series against the Vancouver Canucks and will be looking for another win this evening as a -210 price with the listed total set at 5.5 at Bookmaker Sportsbook.

The Golden Knights are 6-1 SU in their last 7 games, averaging 3.43 goals for, while only giving up 2 goals against in those contests. Vancouver will need to find the back of the net this evening if they intend to compete in this series, but to their credit, after being shutout in their last game, the Canucks are 4-1 SU in their next contest.

Vancouver Canucks (5.5) vs. Vegas Golden Knights (-210) Preview (08/25/2020)

Vancouver Canucks +1.25   ( 190 ) Vs. Vegas Golden Knights (Total:5.5)Vegas Golden Knights -1.25  ( -210 ) Vs. Vancouver Canucks (Total:5.5)
Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks
O/U :5.5

Date: 2020-08-25
Time: 21:45:00

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Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights
SIDE :-210

(O/U 5.88 )
C.O.W. = (Chances of Winning) – The Cow is based on both teams’ current situations as either a Road Favorite, Road Underdog, Home Favorite or Home Underdog, along with the range of the OVER/UNDER. We then research past occurrences and results from both teams and provide a ‘CHANCES OF WINNING’ percentage in their next game.

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NEUTRAL = Team is either (3-4 or 4-3) in their last 7 games.
BEARISH = Team is either (0-7, 1-6 or 2-5) in their last 7 games.

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Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights Preview & Prediction (08/25/2020)


Vancouver CanucksVegas Golden Knights
Line : 1.25Line : -1.25
MoneyLine : 190MoneyLine : -210
O/U : 5.5O/U : 5.5
Season Record :Season Record :
SU: 43-37ATS: 42-38-0O/U: 45-32-3
SU: 47-33ATS: 36-44-0O/U: 39-37-4
Home Record :Home Record :
SU: 24-16ATS: 19-21-0O/U: 21-18-1
SU: 27-15ATS: 17-25-0O/U: 22-18-2
Away Record :Away Record :
SU: 19-21ATS: 23-17-0O/U: 24-14-2
SU: 20-18ATS: 19-19-0O/U: 17-19-2
Last game: Lost 0 – 5 vs Vegas Golden KnightsLast game: Won 0 – 5 vs Vancouver Canucks
SU: 2-1ATS: 2-1-0O/U: 1-2-0
SU: 3-1ATS: 2-2-0O/U: 0-3-1
Current game: vs. Vegas Golden KnightsCurrent game: vs. Vancouver Canucks
SU: 1-5ATS: 1-5-0O/U: 2-4-0
SU: 5-1ATS: 5-1-0O/U: 2-4-0
Next Game: Vs.Next Game: Vs.
SU: 0-0ATS: 0-0-0O/U: 0-0-0
SU: 0-0ATS: 0-0-0O/U: 0-0-0
Days Rest : 1 (Road)Days Rest : 1 (Home)
(L) SU:  (265-329-0 )ATS:  (316-274-4 )O/U: (282-285-27)
(L) SU: ( 372-305-0)ATS:  (307-368-2)O/U: (312-336-29)
(T) SU: (10-13)ATS: (13-10-0)O/U: (12-9-2)
(T) SU: (18-8)ATS: (8-18-0)O/U: (13-12-1)
Streaks : 1 SU Lost – 1 ATS Lost – 1 UnderStreaks : 2 SU Win – 1 ATS Win – 1 Under
Road Teams Strength of Schedule last 7 games: 36.73%Home Teams Strength of Schedule last 7 games: 46.94%
Situational StatsSituational Stats
Home Favorite: 15 Win -13 Lost   (GF)3.39 – (GA)2.96Home Favorite: 26 Win -15 Lost   (GF)3.49 – (GA)2.88
Home Underdog: 7 Win -3 Lost   (GF)4.1 – (GA)2.6Home Underdog: 1 Win -0 Lost   (GF)5 – (GA)3
Road Favorite: 3 Win -2 Lost   (GF)3.6 – (GA)3.6Road Favorite: 13 Win -8 Lost   (GF)3.14 – (GA)2.71
Road Underdog: 16 Win -18 Lost   (GF)2.97 – (GA)3.38Road Underdog: 6 Win -7 Lost   (GF)2.77 – (GA)3.08
Last 3 game: 2 Win 1 Lost    (GF)3.33 – (GA)3.33Last 3 game: 2 Win 1 Lost    (GF)3.33 – (GA)2
Last 5 game: 2 Win 3 Lost    (GF)2.6 – (GA)3.2Last 5 game: 4 Win 1 Lost    (GF)3.2 – (GA)2
Last 7 game: 4 Win 3 Lost   (GF)3.14 – (GA)3Last 7 game: 6 Win 1 Lost   (GF)3.43 – (GA)2
Last 10 game: 7 Win 3 Lost   (GF)3.4 – (GA)2.8Last 10 game: 9 Win 1 Lost   (GF)3.8 – (GA)2.3
Last 15 game: 9 Win 6 Lost   (GF)3.2 – (GA)2.93Last 15 game: 12 Win 3 Lost   (GF)3.4 – (GA)2.4
Situations (Vancouver Canucks)Situations (Vegas Golden Knights)
Coming off a road underdog lost (Vegas)Coming off a home fav win (VAN)
Coming off a 1 game losing streakComing off a 2 game winning streak
Coming off 1 underComing off 1 under
Scored 0 or less goals FOR in last gameScored 5 or more goals FOR in last game
Scored 5 or more goals AGAINST in last gameScored 0 or less goals AGAINST in last game
Coming off a scored 5 goals AGAINST in last gameComing off a scored 0 goals AGAINST in last game
Coming off a scored 0 goals FOR in last gameComing off a scored 5 goals FOR in last game
Coming off a 5 goal lossComing off 2 game home stand
Coming off 1 day offComing off a 5 goal win
Coming off 1 day off