NBA Sports Betting Index 121023

Sports Betting Index (SBI) Analysis: Deciphering ATS Trends in NBA Bettingket Analysis – 12/10/23

Welcome to our latest article where we delve into the dynamic world of NBA betting through the lens of the Sports Betting Index (SBI). This comprehensive analysis focuses on key trends in Straight Up (SU), Over/Under (OU), and Against The Spread (ATS) betting over various time frames. Our goal is to provide bettors with insights that can help inform their betting strategies.


The SBI analysis considers data over multiple time frames: 3 days (3D), 7 days (7D), and longer periods such as 1 month (1M), 2 months (2M), 3 months (3M), and year-to-date (YTD). This approach allows us to identify both short-term and long-term trends in the NBA betting landscape.

Key Findings

Straight Up (SU) Betting Trends

  • Short-Term (3D and 7D): A bullish trend is observed with favorites winning a significant majority of games (78.3% over 3 days and 68.9% over 7 days).
  • Long-Term (1M to YTD): The bullish trend continues over longer periods, with favorites maintaining a high win rate of approximately 69.5%.

Over/Under (OU) Betting Trends

  • Short-Term (3D and 7D): The market shows a bearish trend, with ‘under' outcomes prevailing (82% over 3 days and 62.1% over 7 days).
  • Long-Term (1M to YTD): The trend shifts to neutral, with a more balanced outcome between ‘over' and ‘under' (around 53% for overs and 47% for unders).

Against The Spread (ATS) Betting Trends

  • Short-Term (3D and 7D): Favorites beat the spread a majority of the time, indicating a bullish trend (75.7% over 3 days and 61% over 7 days).
  • Long-Term (1M to YTD): The trend becomes neutral, suggesting a more balanced competition between favorites and underdogs over extended periods.

Analysis and Implications for Bettors

  • Short-Term Strategy: In the short term, betting on favorites in both SU and ATS seems advantageous due to the strong bullish trend.
  • Caution in OU Betting: The short-term bearish trend in OU betting suggests that bettors should exercise caution, particularly when considering ‘over' bets.
  • Long-Term Considerations: Over longer periods, the market balances out. This neutrality suggests increased unpredictability, making it crucial for bettors to rely on in-depth game analysis and not just trends.
  • Dynamic Betting Landscape: The shift from clear trends in the short term to a more neutral stance in the long term highlights the dynamic nature of NBA betting.


The SBI provides valuable insights into the NBA betting market, revealing distinct trends across different betting categories and time frames. While the short-term analysis shows a preference for favorites in SU and ATS, and a leaning towards ‘under' in OU, these trends become less pronounced over time. Bettors should use these insights judiciously, considering the inherent risk and the evolving nature of sports betting.

Disclaimer: Betting involves risk, and this analysis is for informational purposes only. Always bet responsibly and within your means.