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NBA Matchup Analysis: Indiana vs. Milwaukee & New Orleans vs. LA Lakers – 12/07/23

Today's NBA action brings us two interesting matchups: the Indiana Pacers facing the Milwaukee Bucks, and the New Orleans Pelicans going up against the Los Angeles Lakers. This report is based on the Raymond Report Card, offering a comprehensive statistical view of each team's performance.

Indiana Pacers (255) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (-5.5)

Indiana Pacers (B-Type Team)

  • Chances of Winning (COW): 42.86%
  • Forecasted Score: 124.61
  • Home and Away Record: 7-5 (Home), 4-3 (Away)
  • Performance Against Different Types of Teams: A-Type: 3-3, B-Type: 1-2, C-Type: 7-3
  • Value Index: Neutral (15 days)
  • Daily Market Value Index (DMVI): 8.67
  • Betting Units (BET U): 3

Milwaukee Bucks (A-Type Team)

  • COW: 67.35%
  • Forecast: 127.04
  • Home and Away Record: 10-1 (Home), 5-5 (Away)
  • Performance Against Different Types of Teams: A-Type: 2-2, B-Type: 1-1, C-Type: 12-3
  • Value Index: Bullish (22 days)
  • DMVI: Not Available (NAN)
  • Betting Units: 2

New Orleans Pelicans (229.5) vs. LA Lakers (-1.5)

New Orleans Pelicans (B-Type Team)

  • COW: 41.67%
  • Forecast: 113.05
  • Home and Away Record: 8-4 (Home), 4-6 (Away)
  • Performance Against Different Types of Teams: A-Type: 5-7, B-Type: 2-0, C-Type: 5-3
  • Value Index: Neutral (5 days)
  • DMVI: 3
  • Betting Units: 3

Los Angeles Lakers (B-Type Team)

  • COW: 52.38%
  • Forecast: 113.63
  • Home and Away Record: 9-2 (Home), 4-7 (Away)
  • Performance Against Different Types of Teams: A-Type: 2-7, B-Type: 4-1, C-Type: 7-1
  • Value Index: Neutral (7 days)
  • DMVI: -3
  • Betting Units: 4


In the Indiana vs. Milwaukee game, the Bucks emerge as the favorite, thanks to their higher COW and bullish trend. The Pacers, with a neutral trend and a lower COW, face a challenging contest.

The matchup between New Orleans and the Lakers is more evenly poised, with the Lakers slightly favored. Both teams have a neutral value index, but the Lakers' better home record and slightly higher COW give them an edge.

These insights provide a nuanced perspective for NBA fans and bettors, highlighting key performance indicators and team trends that might influence the outcomes of these games.