NFL Betting Analysis Week 5

NFL Betting Analysis: Finding Value in Favorites, Underdogs, Overs, and Unders


The realm of NFL betting can be complex, but with the right analysis and understanding, bettors can find genuine value in their bets. Let's delve into the current NFL betting landscape, examining the performance of favorites, underdogs, overs, and unders.

1. Favorites vs. Underdogs

  • Favorites: With a straight-up (SU) record of 41-23-0 (64.06%), favorites have had a strong year. However, when betting against the spread (ATS), they've only covered 50% of the time (32-30-2), making them less reliable in that regard.
  • Underdogs: Underdogs have struggled more SU, with a 35.94% win rate (23-41-0). Interestingly, when it comes to ATS, they are almost neck-and-neck with the favorites at 46.88% (30-32-2).

2. Home vs. Road Performance

  • Home Teams: Home teams are underperforming this year with a 46.88% win rate (30-34-0). They also underperform ATS (29-33-2) and in over/under (O/U) bets (29-35-0).
  • Road Teams: Road teams have fared better with a win rate of 53.13% (34-30-0). In ATS and O/U bets, their performance is 51.56% (33-29-2) and 45.31% (29-35-0) respectively.

3. Breaking Down the Spreads


  • Close matchups with spreads from PK to -3.0 show that favorites are only winning 50% of the time SU and covering the spread at a rate of 35.71%. For larger spreads (-7.0 to -9.5), favorites have a solid SU record of 77.78%, but their ATS drops to 33.33%.


  • Underdogs with a spread from PK to +3.0 have a decent ATS performance of 50%. Notably, for underdogs with a spread of +7.0 to +9.5, their ATS is an impressive 66.67%, indicating some value here for bettors.

4. Totals Betting (O/U)

Home Teams and Total Points:

  • Matches with totals ranging from 44.5 to 47 have seen home teams struggle with a win rate of only 26.32%. However, the O/U record for these matches is more neutral at 52.63%.

Road Teams and Total Points:

  • Road teams shine in matches with totals from 44.5 to 47, boasting a strong 73.68% win rate.

SBI Rating Guide:

  • BULLISH (57.2% – 100%): These are the most promising bets, displaying strong performance.
  • NEUTRAL (42.8% – 57.1%): A middle-ground, where bettors should proceed with caution.
  • BEARISH (0% – 42.7%): These bets have underperformed, and bettors should be wary.


While favorites have been strong in SU bets, underdogs have shown value, particularly in specific ATS ranges. The performance of teams also varies significantly based on home/away status and the total points expected in the match. Bettors should consider these nuances when placing their wagers and use the SBI rating as a guide to identify potential value.

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