Ron Raymond’s NFL Preseason Playmaker Chart (8/8/22)

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond has released his NFL Preseason Playmaker Charts for the upcoming 2022 NFL Football season.

Going back to the Dallas Cowboys dynasty days, Ron believes in the “Triplet” playmaker combination factor of Quarterback, Running Back and Receivers. Plus, throw in the kickers for good measure, now you have yourself a starting point on offense when handicapping the games.

As you can see, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers head the preseason rankings, as both teams have lots of “playmakers” to put some points on the board.

Ron’s point system chart below is based on his own personal scouting evaluation using his experience as a football coach, along with pre season player ranking and which player/kicker combination you should trust with your hard earned money.

Ron’s NFL Preseason Chart

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