NFL Pre season football betting tips

Top 5 Things to Consider When Betting Pre-Season Football in the NFL

Pre-season NFL games are a different beast compared to regular season matchups. For many, they represent a preview of what's to come, but for bettors, they pose unique challenges and opportunities. Here are the top five things to keep in mind when placing wagers on pre-season NFL games.

  1. Player Rotation and Playing Time
    • Unlike the regular season, coaches use the pre-season to evaluate their roster. This means star players might see limited action or might not play at all. Before placing a bet, it's crucial to keep an eye on news and reports to see which players are expected to play and how long they'll be on the field.
  2. Coaching Objectives
    • Coaches often enter pre-season games with specific objectives that don't necessarily prioritize winning. They may want to test a new offensive scheme, evaluate the depth of certain positions, or give rookie players more experience. Understand the goals of each team's coaching staff as these can greatly impact game outcomes.
  3. Team Depth
    • With many starters sitting out or playing limited snaps, pre-season games often become a battle of backups. Some teams have stronger depth, especially at critical positions like quarterback. A team with a solid backup QB can have a significant advantage, especially in the second half of pre-season games when third and fourth-string players are on the field.
  4. Motivation Levels
    • While the games might not count towards the regular season record, many players are fighting for a spot on the final roster. Rookies, undrafted free agents, and players on the bubble will play with a lot of motivation. Identifying which teams have more of these motivated players, or which specific games might serve as critical evaluations for such players, can offer betting opportunities.
  5. Avoid Overreacting to Previous Results
    • It's easy to get caught up in the results of the last pre-season game. If a team lost by a wide margin, the general public might avoid backing them in their next outing. However, remember that the objectives of pre-season games are different. Just because a team looked poor in one game doesn't mean they will in the next, especially if different players or units are being highlighted.

Betting on pre-season football requires a different approach than the regular season. It's not always about picking the “better” team, but understanding the context and objectives of each matchup. With careful research and a keen understanding of the dynamics of the pre-season, you can find value and make informed bets.

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