Inside the NHL Numbers: Raymond Report Card (11/29/23)

In today's NHL matchups, we delve into the ice hockey battles between Montreal vs. Columbus and Detroit vs. NY Rangers. Using the Raymond Report Card, we explore each team's potential for success, forecasted scoring, and their standing in home and away games.

Montreal vs. Columbus

  • Teams and Grades: Montreal (C-Type), Columbus (C-Type)
  • Chances of Winning (COW): Montreal at 37.5%, Columbus at 64.21%
  • Forecasted Score: Montreal 2.76, Columbus 3.44
  • Home and Away Record: Montreal shows nearly equal struggles at home (5-6) and away (4-6). Columbus has a weaker away record (2-9) compared to home (5-7).
  • Performance Against Types: Montreal faces challenges, especially against A-Type teams (1-6). Columbus also struggles, particularly against B-Type teams (3-10).
  • Value Index: Both teams are struggling, with Montreal in a Bearish cycle (4 days) and Columbus in a Neutral cycle (2 days).
  • DMVI: Montreal’s DMVI at 135.5 suggests undervaluation, while Columbus’ -142 indicates slight overvaluation.
  • Betting Recommendation: 0 units for Montreal, 1 unit for Columbus.

Detroit vs. NY Rangers

  • Teams and Grades: Detroit (B-Type), NY Rangers (A-Type)
  • Chances of Winning (COW): Detroit at 37.4%, NY Rangers at 59.54%
  • Forecasted Score: Detroit 2.92, NY Rangers 3.57
  • Home and Away Record: Detroit has a balanced record at home (7-5) and away (4-4). NY Rangers shine in away games (9-3) and maintain a strong home record (6-2).
  • Performance Against Types: Detroit shows decent performance across all types, with a notable record against A-Type teams (4-2). NY Rangers exhibit strong performance, especially against C-Type teams (6-3).
  • Value Index: Detroit is in a Neutral state (7 days), while NY Rangers are in a Bullish trend (34 days).
  • DMVI: Detroit’s DMVI stands at 148.5, indicating potential undervaluation. NY Rangers’ -145 DMVI suggests slight overvaluation.
  • Betting Recommendation: 3 units for Detroit, 2 units for NY Rangers.

Today's NHL games present a mix of struggles and strengths. Montreal and Columbus, both in challenging phases, will be looking to turn the tide. In contrast, NY Rangers are riding a bullish wave, making them favorites against Detroit. These insights offer a detailed perspective for enthusiasts and bettors alike in the thrilling world of NHL hockey.

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