NFL Week 13 Power Ratings

NFL Strength of Schedule Analysis – Week 13 (11/28/23)

As the NFL season progresses, the Strength of Schedule (SOS) becomes increasingly pivotal in understanding team performances. Here's an in-depth look at the SOS for Week 13 for 5 NFL teams, considering the current season, the last 3 games, and the last 7 games. Get all of the SOS inside the members area.

Arizona Cardinals

  • Current Season: The Cardinals are struggling with a 2-10 record. Despite a moderate SOS of 53.47%, their Power Rating (P R) is just 0.35.
  • Last 3 Games: A slight improvement in win percentage (33.33%) and SOS (55.56%), but still a low P R of 0.44.
  • Last 7 Games: Consistent with the season trend, showing a high SOS (55.10%) but poor performance.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Current Season: Standing at 5-6, the Falcons show a balanced SOS (42.97%) with a P R of 0.44.
  • Last 3 Games: A drop in win percentage (33.33%) and a lower SOS (33.33%).
  • Last 7 Games: Slightly better performance with a 42.86% win rate and a stable SOS.

Baltimore Ravens

  • Current Season: Impressive at 9-3, with a high win percentage (75.00%) and a solid SOS (50.63%), leading to a P R of 0.63.
  • Last 3 Games: A slight decline in performance and a significantly lower SOS (22.22%).
  • Last 7 Games: Excellent performance (85.71% win rate) with a consistent SOS.

Buffalo Bills

  • Current Season: An even 6-6 record with a balanced SOS and P R of 0.49.
  • Last 3 Games: A challenging period (33.33% win rate) with a high SOS (66.67%).
  • Last 7 Games: Similar trends as the season, indicating consistent performance.

Carolina Panthers

  • Current Season: Struggling at 1-10, with a high SOS (53.86%) and low P R (0.31).
  • Last 3 Games: No wins and a very high SOS (66.67%).
  • Last 7 Games: A marginally better win rate (14.29%) but still facing tough opponents.

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In conclusion, teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles are showing strong performances despite challenging schedules. In contrast, teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers are struggling despite facing moderately tough opponents. This analysis provides insight into how teams are adapting and performing relative to the challenges posed by their schedules.

For a comprehensive understanding of each team's performance and to see the full ratings, visit the member's area.

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