NHL Favorites and Underdogs

NHL Betting Insights: A Look at the First 10 Days

The NHL season is off to a roaring start, and with ten days in, it's the perfect time to analyze the betting trends. Let's break down the stats from the Raymond Report charts and determine where the real value lies.

Favorites vs. Underdogs

  • Favorites: They've come out strong with a 68% win rate (34-16-0) straight up (SU). However, when it comes to against the spread (ATS), they've been less impressive, covering just 44% of the time (22-28-0). The over/under (O/U) for favorites sits at a balanced 48% (24-26-0).
  • Underdogs: The underdogs, as expected, have a lower win rate SU at 32% (16-34-0). Interestingly, they've been beating the spread at a higher percentage (56%) with a 28-22-0 record. Their O/U also stands at 48% (24-26-0).

Home Teams vs. Road Teams

  • Home Teams: They've secured a win in 64% of their matches (32-18-0 SU). However, their ATS record is evenly split at 48% (24-26-0), and their O/U also sits at 48% (24-26-0).
  • Home Favorites: Dominating with a 76.67% SU win rate (23-7-0). Yet, they've been struggling ATS, covering only 43.33% of the time (13-17-0). Their O/U is also at a low 43.33% (13-17-0).
  • Home Underdogs: They've managed to win 45% of their matches SU (9-11-0). They've been a better bet ATS, with a win rate of 55% (11-9-0). Their O/U record is also favorable at 55% (11-9-0).
  • Road Teams: They've had a tougher time with only a 36% win rate SU (18-32-0). Their ATS record is slightly better at 52% (26-24-0), and their O/U stands at 48% (24-26-0).
  • Road Favorites: They've won 55% of their matches SU (11-9-0). However, they've been underperforming ATS with a 45% win rate (9-11-0). Their O/U is favorable at 55% (11-9-0).
  • Road Underdogs: They've struggled with a 23.33% win rate SU (7-23-0), but they've been a solid bet ATS with a 56.67% win rate (17-13-0). Their O/U stands at 43.33% (13-17-0).

Totals Analysis

  • Home Team and Total is 5.5: An impressive 83.33% win rate SU (5-1-0). Their ATS and O/U records are both at 50% (3-3-0 and 2-4-0, respectively).
  • Home Team and Total is 6.5: They've won 61.36% of their matches SU (27-17-0). Their ATS record is slightly below 50% at 47.73% (21-23-0), and their O/U is exactly 50% (22-22-0).
  • Road Team and Total is 5.5: They've struggled with a 16.67% win rate SU (1-5-0). Both their ATS and O/U records sit at 50% (3-3-0 and 2-4-0, respectively).
  • Road Team and Total is 6.5: They've won only 38.64% of their matches SU (17-27-0). Their ATS record stands at 52.27% (23-21-0), and their O/U is at 50% (22-22-0).

Raymond Report's SBI Rating Interpretation

  • BULLISH: 57.2% – 100%
  • NEUTRAL: 42.8% – 57.1%
  • BEARISH: 0% – 42.7%


The initial days have shown that while home teams, especially favorites, are performing well SU, the underdogs have been the value pick ATS. When it comes to totals, both home and road teams have shown a mixed bag of results, making it crucial for bettors to analyze each game individually. Keep an eye on the Raymond Report's SBI ratings for deeper insights as the season progresses. Happy betting!

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