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College Football Week 8: Team System Trends

Welcome to the wrap-up of College Football Week 8! We have been crunching numbers, and we're excited to present you with some of the most intriguing team system trends. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a sports analyst, or just curious about how teams have been performing, we've got something for you.


When Wake Forest played as a Home team in October after allowing 29-35 points in their last game9-1-15-6-03-8-0
Georgia Southern's performance as a Home team with 6 days off after a loss12-2-110-5-08-7-0
Stanford's record playing at Home after a division game and coming off a close 0-3 point win10-2-09-3-06-6-0
Miami Ohio's stats as a Home team during Week 8 to 12, post a division game, and scoring 34+ points in their last match9-2-09-2-04-7-0

Highlights from the Trends

  • Wake Forest seems to have an impressive performance when playing at home during October, especially when they have allowed 29-35 points in their last game. Their ATS record of 9-1-1 speaks volumes about their consistent form.
  • Georgia Southern, on the other hand, bounces back remarkably well when playing at home with 6 days off, especially after a loss. Their 12-2-1 ATS record and 10-5-0 SU record indicate resilience.
  • Stanford has showcased an exemplary performance when playing at home after a division game and coming off a close win of 0-3 points. With a 10-2-0 ATS record, they are a team to watch out for in such scenarios.
  • Miami Ohio seems to be in formidable shape when playing at home, especially during Week 8 to 12 and after a division game. If they've scored 34 or more points in their previous game, their 9-2-0 ATS and SU records are proof of their dominant form.

These are just a few picks from the plethora of trends we've analyzed. Each of these statistics tells a story of preparation, strategy, and performance. While past trends don't guarantee future outcomes, they certainly provide a deeper understanding of team behaviors under specific circumstances.

The upcoming weeks will be crucial for many teams as they jostle for rankings, bowl game qualifications, and pride. It will be interesting to see how these trends hold up as the season progresses. Whether you're using this data for analytical purposes, betting, or just to have an edge in debates with friends, we hope it serves you well.

Stay tuned for more updates as the college football season unfolds in our 80% Club members area!

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