NHL Betting Stats October 19th

NHL Hockey Betting Insights for Thursday, October 19th, 2023

The NHL presents another thrilling set of games this Thursday, and the Raymond Report 80% Club Stats have been carefully examined to give you the best betting insights. Let's jump right into the team trends that have been significant in previous matchups:

Florida's Favors

  • Florida, when playing as the home team underdog after a conference game and coming off a road win as an underdog, boasts a remarkable 18-1-0 ATS record. Their straight-up record in this scenario is a respectable 11-8.

Arizona's October Blues

  • The Arizona team, when playing as a road team during October and coming off a game where they scored zero goals, holds an ATS record of 9-1-0. Their straight-up record is 6-4 in this situation.

Chicago's Road Resilience

  • Chicago has been formidable on the road as underdogs in the last four years, especially when coming off a win against an Eastern Conference opponent and scoring four or more goals in their previous game. They've registered an 8-2-0 ATS record and a 7-3 straight-up record.

Calgary's Eastern Encounters

  • Calgary, when playing as a road team against Eastern Conference opponents with two days of rest and having scored two or fewer goals in their previous game, have recorded an ATS of 12-3-0 and a straight-up record of 8-7.

Vancouver's Road Woes

  • Vancouver seems to struggle on the road as underdogs before and after non-conference games, especially when coming off a single-game loss. Their ATS stands at 16-4-0, with a straight-up record of 12-8.

Toronto's Thursday Troubles

  • Toronto, when playing as a road team against Eastern Conference opponents on Thursdays and coming off a three-goal loss, have an ATS of 12-4-0 and a straight-up record of 10-6.

Boston's Road Mastery

  • Boston has several notable trends when playing on the road. Most impressively, when playing as road favorites in the last two years after a home win as favorites, their ATS stands at 13-9-0 with a straight-up record of 18-4.

Philadelphia's Home Advantage

  • Philadelphia has been dominant as a home underdog, especially before non-division games against non-conference opponents. Their ATS record is a staggering 29-7-1, and they've won 20 out of 37 games straight-up in these situations.

Minnesota's Home Mixed Bag

  • Minnesota has a contrasting record when playing as the home team. Against Western Conference opponents during October, their ATS is 17-31-0. However, they've won 41 out of these 48 games straight-up, indicating a strong home advantage.

Betting Tips:

  • Teams like Florida, Chicago, and Boston have shown strong trends in their respective scenarios, making them safer bets.
  • Be cautious with teams like Arizona and Vancouver, who, despite having strong ATS records in specific scenarios, have shown inconsistencies in their straight-up performances.
  • Philadelphia's dominance at home makes them a team to watch and possibly back in the right conditions.

Always remember, while historical data can provide insights, there are no guarantees in sports betting. Make sure to do your research, consider all variables, and bet responsibly.

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