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NHL Betting Stats and Trends: Insights for Monday, December 11, 2023

Welcome to our special edition of the 80% Club, focusing on today's NHL betting stats and trends. As we glide into the ice rinks this Monday December 11th, let's check out some key team trends that could help you make smarter bets.

Team System Trends: Strategy on Ice

  • NY Islanders' Underdog Resilience: Playing as a home underdog in December, the Islanders show a strong 12-2-0 record against the spread (ATS), despite a 6-8 straight up (SU) record. Their scoring consistency, with 3 goals in the last game, seems to be a significant factor.
  • Calgary's Road Grit: As a road underdog before a conference game and coming off a 2-goal loss, Calgary stands at an impressive 17-3-0 ATS, showing their ability to bounce back.
  • Detroit's December Drive: On the road in December, Detroit presents a noteworthy 8-2-0 ATS record. This trend suggests they find an extra edge during the festive season.
  • Buffalo's Home Fortress: When playing as a home favorite in December, especially after scoring low and conceding more in the previous game, Buffalo holds a balanced 6-6-0 ATS but a strong 9-2 SU record.
  • Colorado's Home Advantage: As a home favorite with a total of 6.5 and coming off an over, Colorado has a 7-6-0 ATS and an impressive 11-2 SU record, indicating strong home performances.

Random System Trends: Unpredictable Yet Insightful

  • NY Islanders' December Pattern: In December, as a home underdog before a non-division game, the Islanders have an impressive 17-3-0 ATS record, though their SU record is 7-13.

Smart Stats System Trends: Intelligent Insights

  • Islanders' Balanced Performance: When playing as a home underdog in the last 4 years with a recent record of 4 wins and 3 losses, the Islanders have an 8-2-0 ATS and a 6-4-0 SU record.
  • Arizona's Underdog Strength: Over the last 5 years, as an underdog with a recent record of 5 wins and 2 losses, Arizona shows a significant 16-4-0 ATS performance.
  • Colorado's Resilient Comeback: As a home favorite in the last 3 years, after a close loss and with a recent record of 1 win and 2 losses, Colorado holds an 8-3-0 ATS and a dominant 10-1-0 SU record.

Wrapping Up

These trends offer a fascinating look into the world of NHL betting. They highlight how teams perform under specific conditions, providing valuable insights for betting enthusiasts. Remember, while past trends can offer guidance, each game is a new battle on the ice. Good luck with your bets and enjoy the thrilling matches this Monday! 🏒🥅📊

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