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NHL Market Reports – Sports Betting Index (SBI) – 12/11/23

Based on the provided Sports Betting Index (SBI) for NHL as of Monday, December 11th, 2023, here is the analysis of the sports betting markets:

1. Straight Up (SU) Performance:

  • 1-Day (1D): Favorites are dominating with a 100% win rate, indicating a strong bullish trend for favorites in the very short term.
  • 3-Day (3D) to Year-to-Date (YTD): There's a consistent bullish trend for favorites across these time frames, with the lowest win rate being 59.1% over 2 months, 3 months, and YTD. This suggests that betting on favorites has been generally favorable over these periods.

2. Over/Under (OU) Performance:

  • Across All Time Frames: The market is showing a neutral trend in OVER/UNDER bets across all time frames, with none of the percentages straying too far from the 50% mark. This indicates a balanced performance between OVER and UNDER bets, suggesting no strong advantage in either direction.

3. Against The Spread (ATS) Performance:

  • 1-Day (1D): A bullish trend is observed with favorites covering the spread 75% of the time. This suggests a strong performance by favorites against the spread in the very short term.
  • 3-Day (3D) to 7-Day (7D): The market is neutral, indicating a balanced performance between favorites and underdogs against the spread.
  • 1-Month (1M) to Year-to-Date (YTD): There's a bearish trend for favorites covering the spread, with underdogs performing better over these time frames. The win rate for favorites is as low as 37.9%, suggesting that underdogs have been more successful at covering the spread in these periods.


  • Favorites: Strong performance in SU markets, particularly in the short term. However, they are less reliable in ATS markets over longer periods (1 month to YTD).
  • Underdogs: While not dominating in SU markets, they show strength in ATS markets over the longer term.
  • OVER/UNDER: Generally neutral, indicating a balanced and unpredictable performance.

This analysis should be useful for bettors in understanding recent trends and patterns in the NHL betting market, helping in making informed decisions. Remember, past performance is not always indicative of future results, and each bet should be considered within the context of the specific game and conditions.