NHL Daily Power Ratings January 10

NHL Daily Free Power Ratings – 01/10/24

As we delve into the heart of the season, the NHL landscape continues to evolve dynamically. Today's power ratings reveal some intriguing insights into which teams are surging ahead and which ones are struggling to find their footing.

Top Performers:

  1. Vancouver (27-14 W-L, PR: 0.57): Vancouver's consistency and ability to triumph in crucial games have propelled them to the top. Their current streak and solid win percentage highlight their resilience and tactical superiority on the ice.
  2. Winnipeg (27-13 W-L, PR: 0.58): Winnipeg has been nothing short of impressive. Their remarkable 100% win rate in the last 7 games underscores their current form and dominance.
  3. Florida (26-14 W-L, PR: 0.57): Maintaining a high power rating, Florida continues to showcase their strength, especially in recent games. Their perfect record in the last 7 games is a testament to their momentum.

Teams on the Rise:

  • Seattle (17-23 W-L, PR: 0.47): Despite a less than ideal overall record, Seattle's recent performance has been a revelation. Their undefeated streak in the last 7 games has turned heads and signals a potential turnaround.
  • Edmonton (21-16 W-L, PR: 0.53): Edmonton's perfect record in the last 7 games has been a crucial factor in their climb up the rankings, demonstrating their ability to peak at crucial moments.


  • San Jose (9-32 W-L, PR: 0.39): The struggles for San Jose continue as they languish at the bottom. Their inability to secure wins in recent games has been their biggest downfall.
  • Detroit (20-20 W-L, PR: 0.49): Detroit's performance has been middling, and their recent form hasn't helped their cause. A 50% win rate in the last 14 games reflects their inconsistency.

As teams jostle for position and playoff spots, these power ratings offer a snapshot of who's hot and who's not in the NHL. For fans and analysts alike, these insights provide a deeper understanding of team dynamics and future potentials. Remember, for a more comprehensive analysis and the full strength of schedule power ratings charts, members can view these insights on their dashboard page at www.atsstats.com.