NHL Preview 112623

NHL Game Day Preview and Predictions: Sunday, November 26th, 2023

Minnesota Wild vs. Detroit Red Wings

Time: 13:00 | Arena: Little Caesars Arena


  • Minnesota Wild: With a concerning 5-13 SU record and six consecutive losses, the Wild are struggling this season. Averaging 3.56 goals per game, their offense needs to step up against the Red Wings.
  • Detroit Red Wings: The Red Wings have a slightly better 10-9 SU record and are coming off a strong win against the Bruins. Their average of 2.85 goals per game could be a factor against the Wild's defense.


  • Detroit Red Wings to win: Given the Wild's poor form and the Red Wings' recent performances, Detroit seems likely to come out on top, with the total goals possibly going over 6.5.

St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Time: 14:00 | Arena: United Center


  • St. Louis Blues: Despite a heavy loss in their last game, the Blues have a balanced 10-9 SU record. Averaging 3.42 goals per game, they will look to bounce back against the Blackhawks.
  • Chicago Blackhawks: With a 6-12 SU record, the Blackhawks have had their struggles. Their recent win against the Maple Leafs could give them a confidence boost, but their average of 2.76 goals per game needs improvement.


  • St. Louis Blues to rebound: The Blues are likely to take advantage of the Blackhawks' inconsistencies, possibly keeping the total under 6.5 goals.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Time: 17:00 | Arena: PNC Arena


  • Columbus Blue Jackets: The Blue Jackets, with a 6-15 SU record, have been underperforming this season. However, their recent win against the Devils shows potential.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: With an 11-8 SU record, the Hurricanes have been more consistent. They will aim to recover from their heavy loss against the Lightning.


  • Carolina Hurricanes to win: The Hurricanes' overall better form and home advantage should see them through, with a likely high-scoring game surpassing the 6.5 O/U line.

Winnipeg Jets vs. Nashville Predators

Time: 20:00 | Arena: Bridgestone Arena


  • Winnipeg Jets: The Jets are on a roll with a 12-7 SU record and five consecutive wins. Averaging 3.54 goals per game, they are in a strong position to challenge the Predators.
  • Nashville Predators: Despite a 9-10 SU record, the Predators have shown sparks of brilliance, including their recent high-scoring win against the Blues.


  • Tight Matchup, slight edge to Jets: This could be a closely contested game, but the Jets' current form gives them a slight edge, with the total goals likely around the 6.5 mark.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Edmonton Oilers

Time: 21:00 | Arena: Rogers Place


  • Anaheim Ducks: The Ducks, with a 9-11 SU record, have been struggling lately, losing their last five games. Their offense, averaging 2.64 goals per game, needs to find its rhythm.
  • Edmonton Oilers: Despite a 6-13 SU record, the Oilers showed strength in their last game, winning 5-0 against the Capitals. Their average of 3.64 goals per game is promising.


  • Edmonton Oilers to capitalize: The Oilers, with the momentum from their last win and playing at home, are likely to defeat the struggling Ducks, with the game possibly going over 6.5 goals.

Overall Expectation for November 26th: Expect a mix of tight battles and potential upsets. Home-ice advantage and current form will be key factors in determining the outcomes, with a likelihood of high-scoring games.

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