NHL Hockey Previews

Tonight’s NHL Preview: A 2-Minute Read

Tonight, the NHL features 11 exciting games. We've handpicked some of the most anticipated matchups for a quick preview to keep you informed. You can get the rest of the preview using the Free Raymond Report stats matchups here.

Lightning Strikes Twice: Tampa Bay vs. New Jersey

The Lightning are coming off a 4-1 win against the Devils and are looking to extend their winning streak. With a 40-28 season record and an impressive 46.94% strength of schedule in their last seven games, the Lightning are poised to put up a good fight. The Devils, on the other hand, will be seeking redemption after their recent loss. They currently have a 44-23 record and a 53.06% strength of schedule.

Forecast: New Jersey 3.56 Tampa Bay 2.91

Battle of the Metropolis: Pittsburgh vs. New York Rangers

The Penguins, with a 34-33 record, recently lost 6-4 to the Montreal Canadiens. They will be eager to bounce back against the Rangers, who are coming off a 5-3 victory over the Washington Capitals. The Rangers have a 38-29 record and have shown promise in their last 10 games, with a 5-5 win-loss record.

Forecast: New York Rangers 3.57 Pittsburgh Penguins 2.57

Avalanche Warning: Colorado vs. Ottawa

The Avalanche are on a roll with three consecutive wins, including a 2-1 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs. They have a 38-28 record and a 48.98% strength of schedule. The Senators, however, are struggling with three consecutive losses, the most recent being a 6-3 defeat against the Edmonton Oilers. They have a 33-34 record and a 53.06% strength of schedule.

Forecast: Colorado 3.91 Ottawa 3.12

Jetting to Victory: Boston vs. Winnipeg

The Bruins recently suffered a 6-3 loss against the Chicago Blackhawks and have a 50-16 record. They will be looking to regain their footing against the Jets, who have a 38-30 record and recently lost 5-3 to the Carolina Hurricanes. Both teams have similar records in their last 10 games, with the Bruins at 7-3 and the Jets at 6-4.

Forecast: Boston 3.57 Winnipeg 2.91

Desert Duel: Vancouver vs. Arizona

Vancouver Canucks (29-37) will take on the Arizona Coyotes (25-43) in a battle of two teams with contrasting recent forms. The Canucks have been on a tear, winning their last five games, including a 5-2 victory over the Dallas Stars. On the other hand, the Coyotes have managed two consecutive wins, with their most recent victory coming in a 4-3 triumph against the Calgary Flames. With both teams showing offensive prowess, this game could be high-scoring and intense.

Forecast: Vancouver 3.65 Arizona 2.95

Keep an eye on these games and more as the NHL action unfolds tonight.